Pollution Prevention

Safety cabinets, Secondary Containment, Coconut Fiber Geotextiles, Stormwater, BMP's

Pollution PreventionOur main goal is pollution prevention and protecting the natural habitat while ensuring that our clients stay in compliance with their State and Federal Permit requirements. We realize that the most cost effective and socially responsible way, is to prevent an incident from occurring by using the right equipment. That mean storing hazardous materials in safety cabinets, using secondary spill berms and liners, proper PPE equipment, training and planning.

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Stream Bank Protection using Coir GeotextileBest Management Practices assist in preventing pollution are highlighted on the EPA website. A discussion of various techniques and methods are considered along with credits and additional helpful information.

GEI Works offers a range of secure storage and containment solutions for industrial, commercial and construction sites. Our safety cabinets for hazardous liquids storage, drive through berms for decontaminating vehicles, silt curtains for turbidity control and geotextiles for soil stabilization are some of the prevention solution we carry to ensure your project stays safe.

The best method minimize and regulate the effects of storm water at your site is through the use of natural media, like plants, trees and sod. For temporary stabilization the use of PAM, Geomembrane, HDPE liners, geosynthetics, Coconut Fiber Geotextiles, Coir Wattles, Rip Rap, Hydro Seeding, Hydraulic Mulching, Scour prevention media and TRMs are all viable options too.

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When developing you master plan and SWPPP (Storm water Pollution Prevention Plan) we recommend keeping as much natural existing vegetation as possible, since this will reduce your overall cost (i.e.,by not having to purchase and implement as many E & SC's and less Landscaping), maintain natural soil binding properties and will also help the project blend in with the natural surroundings with little or no need for additional H2O.

Silt Fence The key to all this functioning properly and avoiding costly shutdowns, is the correct selection of erosion and sediment controls, and periodic maintenance and inspections of the existing BMPs used.

Please remember: Silt fence in swales do not work when it rains. And hay bales float away in less than 6" of water. Nothing looks worse and gets the attention of inspectors faster than a pile of hay bales and washed-out silt fence....

There are better ways of preventing erosion and water pollution and we encourage you to discuss BMP options available with a member of our team. We want to help.

Other Pollution Control & Prevention Information:

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