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Customer Testimonial About Floating Boom Barriers

work management trash and debris boomOur company was in need of 150 sections of trash boom to keep trash and debris out of the river intakes. I told him of my company's needs. He was very knowledgeable and sent me quotes very quickly of our exact need. The service was outstanding, and the shipping was great.

Orion trash and debris boomOrion Floating Boom Barriers are a durable, high-strength option for reliable containment in waterways. The debris boom can handle trash, seaweed, other aquatic plants, and any debris floating on the surface of the water. With multiple models available, there is boom ready for any situation.

Calm water debris boom works best in bodies of water with no currents or waves, such as marinas and residential lakes. For areas with mild water conditions and some waves, the moving water trash boom is suited to ports and slow rivers. Areas with fast currents and frequent wave activity, like ocean coastlines and fast-moving rivers, need the rough water boom.

There are a variety of options beyond model available for floating boom barriers to fit most projects and job sites. Section lengths generally run from 25 to 100 feet. Along with the standard yellow, color options include green, blue, and black. Trash boom is usually made from 22 oz. PVC, but other fabric options are available as well. Accessories, such as anchor kits, buoys, and marker lights, are added to fit the needs of the area. Overall, the trash boom is completely customizable to most project specifications.

In addition to the standard trash boom, GEI Works offers other floating barrier options. Whether looking for boom with netting or steel mesh, we can accommodate your needs.

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