Permeable Silt Curtain

Turbidity Barrier With Permeable Geotextile Curtain

turbidity curtainQuestion: Hello. I was looking into your silt and turbidity curtains and was wondering if you also offer the permeable silt curtain. I am dealing with fairly high flow areas and require so mething that can help filter materials in my location. If something like this is available, what would be the design of the curtain and how would the filter panels be added into the unit?

Answer: While the standard design of the silt curtain features an impermeable fabric material, we do offer an option model that will feature a permeable geotextile filter panel. This will help increase the permeability of your curtain to allow for filtration in your location.

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Permeable Silt Curtain Design

The design of the permeable silt and turbidity curtains includes several standard components, as well as permeable filter panels to increase the filtering ability of the curtain. Standard components of this curtain include the following:

  • Top Flotation Device
  • Marine Grade Bottom Ballast Chain
  • Exterior PVC Fabric
  • Geotextile Filter Panel
  • (Optional: Tension Cables Dependant on Water Flow)

The construction of this permeable curtain provides several components that allow for effective filtration of silt and turbidity in your location. This provides a way for water to flow through your curtain while still preventing silt and turbidity from moving to undesirable locations.

Permeable Curtain Components

In order to filter materials in your location, included into each section of your silt curtain is a geotextile filter panel. Similar to other geotextiles, this filter panel is designed to keep sediment and silt on one side of the curtain while still allowing for water to flow through the curtain. This can be especially useful in locations dealing with high water flows as the geotextile helps relieve pressure on the curtain.

Silt Curtains & Water Conditions

Regardless of your whether you require a permeable or impermeable curtain, there are several conditions you will need to take into consideration to ensure that the best curtain type is used in your location. Conditions you will need to consider include the following:

  • Water Current/Flow Rate
  • Wave Conditions including Wave Height & Frequency
  • Tidal Factors
  • Wind or Site Conditions
  • Amount of Silt & Turbidity Needing to be Contained.

For permeable filter options, panels are usually added to the Type 2 and Type 3 curtains for moving water areas. If you are unsure of which option would be best for your location, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to help determine the right option for your location. View our Turbidity Barriers and Silt Curtain page for more information.

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