Collapsible Water Storage Tanks

Temporary Water Storage for Hot Tub Servicing

Hydrostar Onion TankCollapsible water storage tanks, such as the Hydrostar Onion Tank by GEI Works, are an industry favorite for temporary water storage when repairing, refurbishing, cleaning or servicing hot tubs. Durable and dependable, onion tanks require virtually no set-up, and rise as they fill. They empty just as easily, with a built in port at the base for convenient drainage. When not in use, onion tanks fold up tightly for storage and easy transportation.

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Self-Rising Onion Tanks for Hot Tub Temporary Water Storage

Better, faster, and safer than inflatable water tanks for hot tub cleaning or servicing, Onion Tanks are self-rising and stable. Simply lay the tank out on a flat area. Place the end of the hose in the top opening of the onion tank, and power the pump to suction the water from the hot tub to the tank.

Unlike with inflatable water tanks that require additional set up time and effort, Hydrostar Onion Tanks are self-rising. As the water enters the tank, the walls of the tank rise on their own, safely containing the water from the hot tub. It fills within minutes with little to no intervention, allowing fast access to the hot tub for the job at hand. This saves time and effort, making it a perfect solution for hot tub cleaning services, repair and refurbishing operations.

View the Onion Tank Installation Instructions for more information.

A Collapsible Water Storage Tank for Use Again & Again

Storing the Onion TankAfter the hot tub cleaning services or repairs have been completed, there's no need to spend the time and money in treating new water again. Simply refill the hot tub with the water saved in the Hydrostar Onion Tank.

Refilling the tank couldn't be easier. Once the hot tub's servicing is done and it's time to empty the tank, simply hook the hose and pump in reverse to the port at the base of the collapsible water storage tank. Unlike inflatable water tanks that require extra time and effort in deflating the tank, the Hydrostar Onion tank collapses on its own as it empties. Once empty, simply fold the tank back up for easy storage, and use it again another day.

Hydrostar Onion Tank Specifications

We understand that as a hot tub cleaning or repair service, you need equipment that you can count on for dependable performance in the field. We proudly make our Hydrostar Onion Tanks with quality here in our USA manufacturing facility, at a price point that you'll appreciate. Your collapsible water storage tank will be made to order at a price that will fit easily in your budget. Simply choose the size and options needed for your project. We take pride in providing custom solutions that work.

Custom Options for Hydrostar Onion Tanks
  • Capacity: 250 gallons to 10,000 gallons
  • Heavy-duty PVC fabric color choices available
  • Fabric coating choices include potable water, non-potable water, fuel, and others
  • Convenient travel/storage bag
  • Optional tank lid
  • High-side or low-side wall models
  • Accessories: Protective ground cloth, lever controlled discharge port, high capacity discharge hose, repair kit

For a full listing of options and product details, please see: Hydrostar Onion Tank Specifications.

Additional Collapsible Water Storage Tank Options

Centaur Frame TankWhile the Hydrostar Onion Tank is by far the most popular tank for temporary water storage when it comes to hot tub cleaning, servicing and repair, we do manufacture other collapsible water storage tank options that will get the job done also. Each style has its own benefits and specific applications: Collapsible Water Storage Tanks.

For water transportation, consider the Argo Water Hauling Trailers, another economical and well-built water storage solution by GEI Works. Argo water trailers are delivered road ready, DOT Compliant, and boast a host of features that make them flexible for a wide range of uses.

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