Oil Field Containment Berm

Secondary Containment for Oil and Fracking

Press Release: "Oil Field Containment Berm Helps Comply with Secondary Containment Regulations"

aluminum angle spill containment bermsSebastian, FL - January 13, 2012 - Earlier last year, the EPA announced its plan to develop new standards for wastewater discharges during fracking, mining and other energy development applications. As these industries await new reports and regulations, companies are continuing to take precautions by lining their areas with secondary containment equipment, including spill berms. Industries like oilfield fracking companies often require containment to help prevent water or chemicals from polluting surrounding areas during a fracking process.

Hydraulic fracturing involves a process of pumping water into fractures in the ground to extract natural products such as petroleum, natural gas and more. During the fracking process, companies often require the storage of large quantities of process water which is pumped through a series of pipes and machinery. Secondary containment berms around these storage tanks, pumping systems, or other equipment can help prevent products from reaching the environment.

One product that has been used to help during this process is a secondary containment product called the Aluminum Angle Berm. The berm uses high resistance liner materials that are capable of handling a wide range of fluids including chemically treated water, fuel, and even oil. Smaller versions of this berm can be placed under specific leaks to collect fluids, while larger berms have been placed directly under storage tanks to help provide containment.

The aluminum angle berm uses ninety degree (90°) angle brackets that are designed to fit in built-in pockets located on your berm. Brackets can be slid into these pockets to form wall and bottom support. These aluminum angles are quick to install and easy to transport for fast deployment. Once installed, aluminum angles create a berm wall that is typically one foot in height and can surround entire tanks, pumps, or machines.

GEI Works, a supplier of the oil field containment berm, has provided secondary containment products to companies in a wide range of industries including construction, mining, and oil field fracking. Their product range includes items to help prevent pollution in water and land based locations.


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