Ocean Pollution

Products to Help Cleanup & Prevent Pollution

debris boomsOcean pollution can be caused by many different factors including runoff from streams, beaches, storms and various other introduction points. Over the years, maritime water pollution as escalated dramatically due its increased use as a dumping ground for floatable debris and other pollutants.

To help with debris cleanup, GEI Works offers many different Debris Containment Booms that can work to control ocean pollution, collect debris, prevent further spreading, and facilitate an easy cleanup process.

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Trash & Debris Cleanup

marine beach pollutionOcean debris is often costly to cleanup, especially after a major storm event such as a tsunami or hurricane. To help control and recover this type of floatable debris, Containment Booms are often implemented along the shoreline to allow for debris to naturally collect along the shore. This prevents further spreading and helps to facilitate a fast debris cleanup operation.

Debris booms can be built to several different strengths, including options large enough to contain logs, large debris, bicycles, tires, plastic, floating debris, and several other large particles. Standard booms are built with a top floatation device and impermeable skirt, although several additional models can also be made including steel and HDPE mesh models. For more information on debris cleanup and containment options, please check out our Debris Boom Page.

As debris is being contained, marine debris removal processes can be implemented as required for your location.

Oil Spill Containment & Cleanup

OiI Slick Spill Hurricane KatrinaDue to the hazardous nature of oil spills, having an Oil Spill Cleanup and Response Plan that can be immediately implemented is often crucial to quickly containing and preventing the spread of a spill. Similar in both design and style, oil containment booms are available to help contain and collect materials for fast response and cleanup.

Oil booms are available in several different models depending on the location where these spills have occurred. Booms are typically available in three standard models: calm water, fast water, and open water. Booms for moving water conditions will often be higher in strength and built with additional tension cables to help contain items in water locations where there is a current, tides or waves.

For more information regarding these booms, check out our Oil Spill Containment Boom Variety, and the EPA water resources information.

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