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Turbidity Barrier for Dredging Project

Dredging Turbidity CurtainQuestion: I need a quote for a turbidity barrier for our dredging project. I am located in Michigan and looking for a quote on Turbidity Curtains. The water flow is about 1.5 knots, so I think that means I will need a Type 3 curtain. I need two 3' x 100' and one 6' x 50'.

Answer: Thank you for contacting GEI Works! You are correct, a Type 3 Turbidity Curtain will be the best option for your project. Triton Type III Silt Curtains are our most durable turbidity barriers for sale, and come in DOT, Heavy Duty, and Permeable models.

We manufacture all Turbidity Barriers and Silt Curtains to fit custom locations, so each floating turbidity barrier can be built accomodate your project requirements. Our stock sizes are 50' or 100' x 5', but we can absolutely manufacture your sizes with a quick turnaround. You will receive a price quote via e-mail and a member of our sales team will be contacting you as well. We care that your curtain is installed correctly and maintained. Contact us to find out what accessories you need.

Questions about our Triton barriers for sale? We can help! Call our sales team at 1-772-646-0597 or submit a form.

Triton Type 3 Turbidity Curtains Accessories

Triton Type 3 Silt Curtains are made with 22oz. marine grade PVC, and feature either a 6", 8" or 12" float. The bottom of each curtain has a galvanized steel ballast chain to give the bottom of the curtain additional weight.

However, this weight is not enough to keep your barrier in place. Anchoring is essential to the success of your silt barrier, espeically in an environment with a lot of wave activity. Contact one of our team members to ensure you are correctly anchoring your barrier.

Triton Turbidity Barrier Options

  • Type 1 Turbidity Curtain: The Type 1 Silt Barrier is commonly used in locations with calm waters (such as your conditions which is less than 0.25 knots).
  • Type 2 Turbidity Curtain: The Type 2 Silt Barrier is used for moving water locations. These barriers are typically not recommended for locations with currents above 1.5 knots.
  • Type 3 Turbidity Curtain: The Type 3 Silt Barrier is our strongest barrier and is used for the roughest water conditions. These includes areas with significant water flow or waves. turbidity barriers for sale

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Need a quote for our Triton barriers for sale? We can help! Call our sales team at 1-772-646-0597 or submit a form.