Oil Booms for Work in a River

Do you Rent Oil Booms or Turbidity Barriers?

oil boomsQuestion: I have a small job in Colorado working in a river for a few weeks and I am looking for oil boom and turbidity curtain. Do you rent or is it a purchase? The total length per application is about 100 feet and no more than 6 feet deep.

Answer: Hello to you in Colorado! We can help you with both of those products. Our booms and barriers are, however, available for purchase only. Due to different uses and contamination efforts, booms are often designed or created to specifically fit a site location or application.

In order to provide you with the best product solution, we would need to know the water conditions of the river where you will install the boom or turbidity curtain. In addition, it would also be helpful to know what kind of products you are trying to contain. Oil booms are designed specifically for the containment of oil, while turbidity barriers are more equipped to handle debris, silt and turbidity.

Oil Boom Options are available for three different types of water. Since you have mentioned that you will be using these oil booms for work in a river, the fast current option may be best. Please view the list below to see which boom may be best for your location:

Oil Boom for Calm Water Conditions: The calm water boom is designed for oil spill containment in areas with little to no water current. These may include ditches, swales, calm ponds, and lakes.

Oil Boom for Fast Current Water Conditions: The fast current boom is designed for river or lake areas that have moving waters.

Oil Boom for Open Water Conditions: This boom is designed specifically for an open water location, such as an ocean.

turbidity curtain for workIn addition, we also offer a turbidity curtain that comes in three different types as well. The Type II Silt Barrier is generally used in rivers, but I think that speaking with a member of our sales team will greatly benefit you to determine which type would be best.

Different types may be more equipped to handle your location depending on what you are trying to contain and the exact speed and waves in your river location.

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