Nature Conservancy

GEI Works teams Up With The Nature Conservancy

Sebastian, FL—Granite Environmental (now known as GEI Works) gives back by adopting! Teaming up with The Nature Conservancy, they are helping to protect nature and preserve life by proudly adopting three acres of land and three coral reefs around the world.

The Nature Conservancy’s mission is to preserve the plants, animals, and natural communities by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive. Granite Environmental offers product solutions for a cleaner world to help facilitate this mission. Concurrently, they have helped by saving acres in Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica; Gondwana Link, Australia; The Appalachians, United States and reefs in The Bahamas; Papua New Guinea; Republic of Palau.

Why do these areas need help? Trees, plants, and wildlife are saved from logging and urbanization and protected from erosion and pollution. The conservancy has chosen these areas for the following reasons: The Osa Peninsula is one the most highly threatened rainforests in the world. Australia’s Gondwana Link has exceptional plant diversity and is one of the healthiest and largest temperate woodlands left on this Earth. The Appalachians are home to a variety of endangered wildlife and plants.

Why adopt a coral reef? The conservancy sums it up quite nicely. “Oceans cover more than 70% or the Earth’s surface, contain 99% of the planet’s living space, and supports nearly 50% of all species on Earth. Less than 1% or our world’s oceans are currently protected and human activity is impacting it greatly.” Granite Environmental contributes to that 1% by adopting reefs in The Bahamas, Papua New Guinea, and the Republic of Palua saving corals, marine mammals, and coral reef fish.

Whether close to home or far away, land and water alike are in danger of depletion. Granite Environmental is proud to give back to nature and continues to protect it by offering environmental friendly erosion and pollution control products.

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