Michigan Water Solutions

Turbidity Curtain, Dewatering Methods, and More

Bay in MichiganMichigan has always had an abundant amount of water. Known as The Great Lakes State, it borders four of the five bodies of water that give the name. And with over 60,000 lakes and ponds,

no one is more than six miles from a natural Michigan water source.

With so much water potentially vulnerable to pollutants and other contamination, Michigan needs to protect both its surface water and groundwater. GEI Works carries product solutions to help construction contractors and businesses keep water healthy and clean. We've already helped in the following cities:

  • Lansing, Michigan
  • Plainwell, Michigan
  • Walled Lake, Michigan
  • Saranac, Michigan
  • Ironwood, Michigan
  • Novi, Michigan

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Water Protection and Filtration During Construction

turbidity curtainMichigan has both the Department of Environmental Quality and the Department of Transportation to oversee construction job sites. Under Public Act 451, all landowners are required to keep soil and sediment out of the waters of the state during any earth changing activities. The Michigan DOT and Michigan DEQ work together to ensure proper sedimentation control and water protection during any construction projects.

The Michigan DEQ requires all dewatering discharge to be sent through filter bags before releasing into local rivers and lakes. The Michigan DOT lists their filter requirements for dewatering methods in the 2012 Standard Specifications for Construction (208.03.C.3). Additionally, each project must obtain the proper Michigan DEQ permits before any work can be completed. GEI Works provides Dewatering Bags which meet or exceed all necessary requirements.

When it comes time to discharge into the local waterways, after receiving the correct Michigan DEQ permits, Turbidity Curtain is a necessity. As the water flows into the river or lake, sediment becomes stirred up, causing the area to become turbid. Turbidity curtain keeps the sediment confined to one area, giving it time to settle back to the bottom of the waterway. Michigan water stays clean and fewer contaminants travel downstream.

For more information about obtaining the right permits, visit the Michigan DEQ Permits page.

Michigan Groundwater Storage

corrugated water storage tankThe total amount of Michigan groundwater used per day is about 700 million gallons per day. Nearly half of Michigan businesses and residents use groundwater as their primary water source through both private wells and public water supplies. Groundwater also feeds the Great Lakes, the source for the rest of Michigan's fresh water.

Despite all of this, groundwater policy is severely lacking in Michigan. There are over 6,000 legacy contaminated sites and at least 130,000 leaking septic tanks. Untreated, contaminated water leaks into the Michigan groundwater supply and pollutes surface water. Michigan businesses and residents using municipal water supplies and those with private wells are at risk.

GEI Works offers tanks and liners to help mitigate pollutants entering water supplies. Our Tank Liners can be used in new tanks as a precautionary measure or in an existing tank to prevent continued leaking. Water from the tank can be filtered and treated to ensure fewer pollutants.

For additional tank options for Michigan water, visit our Storage Tank Overview.

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