Medical Waste Incinerators

Helios 0.3 Bio Hazard and Medical Waste Disposal Incinerator

medical waste incineratorHelios 0.3 Medical Waste Incinerators (previously known as Vulcan 0.3 Incinerators) are an easy option for storing and disposing of infectious, biohazard or pathological waste. Designed with a system capacity of 30-50 lbs/hr, these units are perfect for small offices, hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities.

Design of the medical incinerator uses both a primary and secondary combustion chamber for a safe, effective and complete combustion process. Each system will additionally feature a fully automated control panel that will adjust temperatures and air as needed for your site. Easy to use, operate and maintain, these systems are a great way for facilities to reduce costs and dispose of hazardous waste.

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Medical Waste Incinerator Specifications

System Capacity: 0.3 MMBtu/hr waste combustion
30-50 lbs/hr processing capacity for solid waste streams
Batch Capacity: Approx. 9-10 cu. ft. per 4-6 hr. batch cycle
Fuel Requirements: 25 gal Diesel or #2 Fuel Oil
Electrical Requirements: Single Point, 120 VAC, 25 amp


Who should use these Medical Waste Incinerators?

Medical Waste Incinerators are multi-purpose and require no previous training or knowledge to run the unit. Easy to use and operate, these systems have been successfully used in any of the following facilities:

Helios Incinerators and Biomedical Waste Disposal

For many hospitals and clinics, hazardous waste disposal involves a dangerous and time consuming process of storing and transporting materials to disposal sites. Helios Incinerators work to address these issues by providing an easy on-site disposal option. All dual chamber units provide a controlled combustion process that works to effectively destroy biological hazards and treat VOCs before emissions leave the unit.

Medical Waste Incinerator Advantages:

  • On Site Disposal
  • Modular Design for Compact Shipping or Transportation
  • Easy-Read Operation Controls
  • Pre-set Controls for an Automatic Incineration Process
  • Dual Chamber for Higher Emission Control

How a Medical Waste Incinerator Works

Each Medical Waste Disposal Unit operates through a completely automated control system. This system raises the temperature and adds in air support as needed throughout the process. Incineration typically requires the following procedure:

  1. Load Waste into the Primary Chamber
  2. Close the Door and Turn the Unit On
  3. Controls are typically designed fully automated and should be set/built to accommodate that exact waste type and quantity required on your site.
  4. Allow Materials to be Safely Incinerated. Standard operators will start with a 60 second fresh air purge and then will pre-heat chambers to their desired temperatures. Once pre-heated, the primary chamber will ignite and begin the burn process.

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Questions? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.