Small Scale Incinerator EPA Approval

Stay Within State and Federal Regulations

medical waste incineratorQuestion: Is the small scale incinerator EPA approved? Normally a product states it is EPA approved. Just wanted to know so we don't run into problems with our state (Ohio) EPA.

Answer: Thank you for asking. Yes, our portable small scale incinerators meet EPA requirements for burning non-hazardous refuse. We have an emission data sheet for our portable incinerators available and can email it to you. To receive this type of information, please feel free to contact us through one of the following methods:

In general, emission information may vary depending on the type of incinerator you are planning to use. The incinerators that typically have the greatest risk of harming the environment are the medical waste incinerators.

These incinerators are small, but used to safely burn materials such as needles, used gauze, pads, and other equipment in contact with human blood and waste.

Additional Small Scale Incinerators

In addition to this unit, we also provide several other small scale incinerators EPA approved for safe incineration. Models include:

  • Trash Incinerator
  • Drug Incinerator

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