Irrigation Trailer for Sale

Portable Watering Tank for Groves and Wineries

Orange Grove Needs Vineyard Irrigation SuppliesPlants need water to survive; that is a fact of life. When it comes to actively growing trees and grapevines for groves and wineries, water supply and distribution become even more important. Without the proper water dissemination, fruit may not develop as needed. A readily available water supply and delivery method is necessary to the success of every winery and grove.

The irrigation trailer for sale from GEI Works is the Argo Water Tank Trailer. This versatile portable watering tank can deliver water to every corner of a winery or fruit tree grove. It offers multiple ways to dispense water to fields, using spray bars or hoses. With tank sizes ranging from 500 to 1,600 gallons, both small and large operations can use the trailer haul water or simply store it for future use. All portable watering machines can be customized to fit the exact needs of the business.

See the Argo Water Trailer PDF Flyer for more information and detailed specifications.

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Argo Irrigation Trailer for Sale Spray BarIrrigation Trailer for Sale

Many large groves and wineries use sprinkler or drip irrigation to keep their crops flourishing. For smaller operations, the GEI Works irrigation trailer can help keep things running smoothly, or the trailer can be used as one of many vineyard irrigation supplies for water storage in case of a drought.

For irrigation purposes, the spray bar is the most effective. With an adjustable swath of 8' to 25', water reaches a large number of trees as the portable watering machines roll between them. The standard spray bar attaches to the back of the water trailer, but it can be customized with spray bars on the sides as well.

Winery LandscapeLandscaping for a Beautiful Winery

Often wineries act not only as grape growing and wine making facilities, but tourist destinations with shops and tasting rooms. To draw in crowds, the grounds of the business should be as beautiful and clean as possible. The Argo Water Trailer excels in providing the needed water for landscaping and horticulture cultivation.

Landscaping usually requires less water and pressure than comes out of our standard fire hose attachment, which can be used to clean off walkways and decks. The hose bibb fits a variety of typical garden hoses depending on your specific groundskeeping needs. Water stored in the portable watering tank can be used for flower beds and hedges, without pulling from the irrigation system water supply.

Read more about landscaping trailer accessories on the Water Tank Trailer Accessories page.

Spraying Fire Hose from Portable Watering TankLiquid Fertilizer Trailer for Groves

Almost every grove and winery uses some form of fertilizer on their plants to provide needed minerals and nutrients. The irrigation trailer for sale isn't only for water; it can also be used as a liquid fertilizer trailer. The polyethylene tanks are compatible with a number of liquids used in the fertilization process for fruits and crops.

Just as with irrigation, the spray bar is used to spread fertilizer in a wide swath throughout fields and groves. The 25' fire hose sprays hard-to-reach trees for more targeted fertilizer coverage. Even the hose bibb with the right attachment works for smaller, more delicate areas. Since the liquid fertilizer trailer is portable, the fertilizer mix is moved throughout the operation, ensuring every tree or grapevine receives the same treatment.

To learn more about the Argo Water Trailer, visit the Portable Water Tank Trailer page.

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