Incinerator System For Industrial Waste

Thermal Oxidizer Systems

Helios A-SH (Stepped Hearth Incinerators)

The Helios A-SH Incinerator System for Industrial Waste (previously known as the Vulcan A-SH Incinerator) is a stepped hearth incineration unit designed for high volume, continuous feed waste disposal. Manufactured with a two-three cell stepped hearth, these units are able to increase mechanical turbulence for high quality destruction. These solid waste incinerator systems are also known as "Stepped Hearth Systems." Multiple hearth incinerators will vary in size depending on the quantity and type of waste being disposed of in your location.

incinerator system for industrial waste

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Stepped Hearth System Advantages

  • Encourages improved mechanical turbulence (via three stoking/transfer rams to navigate the waste through the stepped cells)
  • Superior, turbulent thermal oxidation of combustion gases (with over 1 second retention std. through secondary combustion chamber)
  • Environmentally safe stack exhaust to the atmosphere.
  • Greater ease in installation & future system maintenance (through modular construction design and lighter-weight refractory materials)
  • Sophisticated cyclonic design
  • Perfect for remote installations

Technical Specifications

ESWDS portable condainerized incineratorDESIGNED FOR YOU: Since the needs for these units will often vary in waste type, size and quantity, all of our stepped hearth incinerator systems for industrial waste are custom built to the exact requirements of your location.

Portable Containerized Incinerators

Also available for custom build are Portable Containerized Incinerators are built in a modular design, making them
easy to assemble in the field. Multiple chambers also creates a unit that is able to more effectively handle the combustion process.

Small Incinerator Options

dual chamber incinerators In addition to our industrial models, incinerators are also available in dual chamber units. Dual chamber models feature a singular primary chamber (as opposed to 2 or 3 on the stepped hearth) and are built in standard system capacities of 363-605 lbs./hr.

For these and other options, view our Solid Waste Incinerators.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.