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Solid Waste Thermal Oxidizer Incinerator System: Helios 1.0

incinerator equipment The Helios 1.0 Solid Waste Incinerator (formerly known as the Vulcan Solid Waste Incinerator) is a modular, dual chamber unit designed to help locations effectively dispose of solid waste and solid waste streams. Designed with automatic controls, these incinerators take materials through a two chamber incineration process. The first chamber effectively incinerates waste, while the secondary chamber uses thermal oxidation to help get rid of any VOCs released from the primary chamber. This creates a safer and more effective disposal process for waste on your site.

Standard incinerator design features a batch loading process through the primary chamber. If continuous turbulence is required, intermittent feed models are also available to constantly add motion to the interior of the unit.

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Helios 1.0 Technical Specifications

Flyers Model A 1.0 (pdf)
System Capacity*
  • 1.0 MMBtu/hr. waste combustion,
    64-90 kg/hr. (140-200 lb./hr.) processing capacity for mixed waste streams,
  • Average gross HHV of 5500-8500 BTU/lbs.
  • Advanced cyclonic secondary combustion chamber with over one second retention std.
Batch Capacity Approx. 1.95 yd³ (1.5 m3 per 4-6 hour operation cycle.
Intermittent Feed (w/optional loader): 73 yd3/hr. (.56 m3/hr.) up to 8 hrs./day
Electrical Requirements Single point - 230/460V, 3 dia., 60 Hz/25/15 amp

*System Capacity: The rated system capacity for this unit is 1 MMBtu/hr. or 140-200 lbs./hr. (64-90 kg/hr). The second number is listed as a range. Where your products fall within that range will depend on the type and amount of waste being incinerated.

For all solid waste, each item is rated with a designated BTU value. Knowing the waste type and intended quantity will help our team determine which side of the range your incinerator will be able to work toward.

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Solid Waste Incinerator Equipment

Primary Chamber Secondary Chamber
Type: Fixed Hearth Cyclonic thermal oxidizer with 1+ sec. r/t @ 1600°F (850°C)
Chamber Volume: 66.8 ft³ 39.15 ft³
Hearth Area: 10 ft²
Burner Capacity: 0.278-0.45 MMBtu/hr. (Hi-Lo-Off control) 1 MMBtu/hr. (modulating, excess air control)
Construction: Shell 0.250" thick, A36 plate 0.250" thick, A36 plate
Construction: Lining 4", 3000°F 750 psi, (Plicast 3100KK or equal) 3", 3000°F 750 psi, (Plicast 3100KK or equal)
Construction: Insulation 1" 1900°F Fiber
(ASTM C612093, type V)
1" 1900°F Fiber
(ASTM C612093, type V)

Combustion Air Specifications

Combustion Air: Supply to Burners, Under Fire, and Secondary Air Injection
3 HP, 230/460 V, 3 dia. 60 Hz
650 cfm @ 18" W.C. pressure

Exhaust Breaching Specifications

Shell Construction: 10 gauge, A36 Carbon Steel
Lining: 3" 2400° F, 175 PSI
(Plicast AL-Tuff LWI-24 or equal)
Weight: 155 lbs./ft. (70.45 kg/ft.)

System Controls

incineratorsTypical controls found on these solid and animal waste incinerator equipment systems include a Siemens S-7 series PLC with touch screen operator interface. This allows the operator to control the amount of air being injected into the system. Typical controls found on these units include the following:

  • Primary & Secondary Chamber Temperature Control
  • Temperature Actuated Fuel and Air Control
  • Burner Interface, Status and Reset Access
  • System Status and Alarm Display
  • Hydraulic System Control (Applicable with Optional Loader)
    ** Discrete, UL, CSA, FM & IRI burner monitoring/control w/U.V. flame supervision provided for each burner.

Optional Loader Types

  • Type: Hydraulic ram feed (optional cart tip hopper load available)
  • Hopper volume: 14 cu. ft. (.4 m3)
  • Power unit: 5hp, 230/460 V, 3 dia., 1800 psi
  • Hydraulic cylinders: 1800 psi: charging ram - two 3" bore, 1.5" rod, 36" stroke
  • Opt. waste carts: 50 gal. (189 lt.)/(6.6 ft3) poly, roll-out type
  • Charging frequency: 20 minutes, up to 3 times per hour
  • Approx. weight: 5,000 lbs. (2273 kg)

Optional Guardian-OCS: Oxygen monitoring combustion air control (Increases fuel efficiency of the system by 25% provides dynamic combustion control to prohibit upset conditions)

Benefits of Incinerator Equipment Model A 1.0

  • Environmentally Safe Stack Exhaust from the Unit to the Atmosphere
  • Savings in Refractory Material
  • Easy Installation

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