Industrial Incinerator for Horse Muck

Solid Waste Incinerators for Horse Muck and Farm Waste

Question on an industrial incinerator for horse muck: I'm looking for an industrial waste incinerator solid waste incinerator that can handle 100-600 lbs. of horse muck and other farm wastes per hour. What would you recommend?

Answer: Thank you for your inquiry! We would be pleased to give you some recommendations for the type of incineration you are looking to achieve. In general, in order to incinerate horse muck and other farm waste materials, you will probably want to use one of our Solid Waste Incinerators.

Due to the wide range of required muck you need to incinerate, we have listed several different incinerators that may work for your location. Please feel free to click on the starting link and review each individual incinerator product page for additional information:

  1. Solid Waste Thermal Oxidizer System Model A 1.0: This unit is perfect for the unique demands of mixed composition of solid waste disposal. It's capacities are # 1.0 MMBtu/hr. waste combustion, 64-90 kg./hr. (145-200 lbs./hr.) processing capacity for mixed waste streams, with an average gross HHV of 5500-8500 BTU/lbs., and an advanced cyclonic secondary combustion chamber with over one second retention standard.

  2. A 1.5 Model is very similar to the A 1.0, but has a 175-250 lbs./hr. (80-114 kg/hr.) processing capacity for mixed waste streams.

  3. A 2.0 Model goes slightly higher, with a 210-320 lbs./hr. (95-145 kg/hr.) processing capacity for mixed waste streams.

  4. A 4.2 Model burns the most at 363-605 lbs./hr. (165-275 kg/hr.).

All of the industrial incinerator models are designed for the incineration of various solid waste materials. Their structure is often very similar with both a primary and secondary chamber. The primary chamber features a fixed hearth with controlled over and under fire air injection. The second chamber, by contrast, will feature a cyclonic thermal oxidizer. The main difference will be in the capacity that the incinerator is allowed to incinerate.

These models all fit within the range you are looking for. Unless you are planning on burning animal remains, not just refuse, I would choose one the listed industrial incinerators.

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