Heavy Duty Containment Boom

Debris Boom Made With Heavy Duty Materials

heavy duty containment boomThe Heavy Duty Containment Boom is a containment boom made with high-strength durable materials able to withstand long-term use in marine environments. It is also used to deflect sargassum seaweed in areas with intense surf.

Specifically designed for containment in coastal waters, the heavy duty boom is made with extra strength materials to control marine debris. Containment boom are adept at controlling sargassum, trash, and other marine debris that needs to be contained. After storms or an influx of sargassum, controlling debris in rough waters requires containing, diverting, and excluding the debris so it can be collected and dealt with.

Having a plan of diversion and collection is important for the containment of sargassum and other aquatic weeds and plants. A heavy duty containment boom controls sargassum in water with heavy activity, directing it to where trash skimmers, pumps, or vacuum trailers can collect the debris. The HD containment boom can divert the debris to another area for it to be collected by hand.

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Controlling Marine Debris with Heavy Duty Containment Boom

Heavy duty containment boom can control, contain, and deflect a variety of litter, debris, and aquatic plants. Marine containment booms last longer than other debris boom models and are able to withstand a wide variety of wind, water, and wave conditions.

heavy duty debris boom chainHeavy Duty Containment Boom Features

Heavy duty containment boom is a durable floating containment solution in rough waters where controlling and containing marine debris for a long period of time is necessary. Our Debris Boom is made to withstand heavy surf and marine environments where a heavy presence of marine debris needs containment.

  • PVC Coated Polyester Fabric
  • Galvanized Steel Chain Ballast Weights
  • Bolted Stainless Steel End Connectors

Heavy Duty Containment Boom Benefits

Containment boom has a long field of use and is designed for more debris boom containment jobs. When dealing with a marine cleanup project that has a longer timeline, using a debris boom allows you to plan for longer-term containment and cleanup.

  • Marine Grade Fabric and Connectors
  • Variety of Applications and Locations
  • Long Field-Use Life

Heavy Duty Containment Boom Specifications

Size 53" Depth
Section Length 20'
Depth of Sections 17" Draft
36" Freeboard
Weight 5.6 lbs./ft (approximate)
Belting Strength 1,500 lbs./in.
Ballast Weights 1/2" Hot-Dipped Galavanized Steel Chain
Handles Nylon Webbing
End Connectors Bolted Stainless Steel Plate Connectors
Belting Color Black
Anchor Points On Ends of 20' Length

Regularly maintaining your heavy duty containment boom will ensure that it stays in good working condition and keeps its long field-use life. Heavy duty containment boom should be inspected weekly at least, to make sure that connections are strong and debris isn't building up around the boom. After times of severe weather, boom should also be inspected, maintained, and repaired as necessary.

Maintaining the boom on a weekly basis involves checking the boom's connections, lines, and buoys for damage and marine growth. If controlling marine debris, removing build up around the heavy duty containment boom will also be needed.

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Heavy Duty Containment Boom Applications

marine containment boomOur heavy duty containment boom can be used in a variety of locations where heavy containment of marine debris is needed. Heavy duty marine containment booms are useful in areas where cleanup is especially necessary. After severe storms, debris can find its way into surrounding waters and needs containment and collection. When sargassum blooms bring aquatic weeds on beaches, containing the sargassum before it reaches the shore is the goal.

Locations where heavy duty containment boom can be used:

  • Marinas
  • Ports
  • Naval yards
  • Repair areas
  • Resorts

Marine Accessories for Heavy Duty Containment Boom

marine pyramid anchorsThe appropriate Marine Accessories for your heavy duty containment boom will ensure it is performing at the height of its ability.

Accessories for the heavy duty boom include:

Marine accessories enhance the boom's performance and allow for easier installation and maintenance. Marker lights illuminate the boom's surroundings, alerting people and vessels to the boom's location. Tidal compensators, both standard and heavy duty, allow the heavy duty boom to adjust to changing tides. Marine tow bridles are also effective when towing the heavy duty boom safely to a desired location.

Marine mooring anchor kits are essential when deploying and using a heavy duty containment boom. Having the correct anchors, kits, and patterns will influence how well your marine containment boom performs. Anchors affect how your containment boom handles loads. The wrong anchor pattern or installation could result in your containment boom failing or a loss of debris containment.

Our marine accessories can be used with other floating barriers as well. See all of our Containment Boom Options.

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