HD Tidal Compensator

Curtain and Boom Connector for Marine Anchoring Systems

HD tidal compensatorThe HD tidal compensator allows turbidity curtain, containment boom, and other floating barriers to automatically adjust to significant tides and changing water levels. As part of long-term or permanent marine anchoring systems, compensators attach to docks, piers, or other sturdy pilings to keep barriers in place. The shackle connector works with most standard I-beams.

With a new, improved heavy duty design, the HD tidal compensator is specifically designed to act as a curtain or boom connector in river, lake, or ocean conditions with drastically changing water levels. The tidal compensator allows for the marine barrier to adjust with your site-specific tide. Turbid water, debris, and other contaminants will stay contained, regardless of the conditions.

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HD Features

  • 20" x 10" High Visability, Foam Filled Floats
  • Two Slide Rail Roller Brackets
  • Perpendicular and Parallel Slide Rail Nylon Wheels
  • Stainless Steel or Marine-Grade Aluminum Components
  • Shackle Connector
  • 18", 24", 30", and 36" Model Size Options
  • Spare Parts Kit Available

HD Benefits

  • Connects to Standard I-Beams
  • Customizable Float Sizing and Slide Rail Lengths
  • Prevents Boom and Curtain Submersion
  • Works in Severe Weather Conditions
  • Easily Adjusts to Changing Water Levels

Standard vs. HD Tidal Compensator

Standard vs HD Tidal Compensator Tidal Compensator Bracket Wheels Close Up

The standard and HD tidal compensators are both suitable in normal tidal conditions, but when faced with harsher conditions the HD tidal compensator has added heavy duty features to withstand extra force. The component differences between the standard and HD tidal compensators become clear when seen side-by-side.

Heavy Duty Brackets: While the foam filled hard floats are the same size, the HD compensator has two slide rail roller brackets instead of one. The dual sections provide additional support for the boom or curtain, ensuring the proper distribution of weight throughout the equipment.

Wheel Orientation: The four slide rail nylon wheels of the HD tidal compensator are both parallel and perpendicular to the boom or curtain, while the standard compensator's wheels are only parallel. By using both directions in the HD bracket assembly, the new boom connector design allows less opportunity for the compensator to become stuck in place. The multi-plane surface contact strengthens the connection to the I-beam to help ensure a long-lasting and effective tidal solution.

Curtain and Boom Accessories

curtain and boom accessoriesTidal compensators aren't the only pieces of equipment necessary for effective marine anchoring systems. We provide an entire line of accessories to keep your turbidity curtain or containment boom working efficiently. Other installation and anchoring equipment includes:

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