Geomembrane Liner For Dewatering

Geomembrane Liner for Dewatering Operation

geomembrane linersQuestion: Regarding a geomembrane liner, we are dewatering and need a geomembrane containment liner about 24' x 24' to be placed on a concrete pad which will line the floor, then fit up over jersey barriers to make a containment area. We need this to handle some of the extra water from our system, and it may have a lot of silt and oily sheen. From my estimation I think we will need 36' x 36' to make the system work. Can you make a field kit like that with a liner material that will work for 3-5 years? Is there something else we can consider using or doing?

pit liner installAnswer: Hello Sally, thank you for the inquiry. What you could consider doing is placing a 6 mil liner down as underlayment, then a geogrid to ensure you get filtration as it creates space or gaps between the liner and non-woven filter. Then use a 6 oz or 8 oz non-woven geotextile to line the dewatering work area.

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Geomembrane Liner Best Practices

Around the perimeter of the work area (under the edge of the 6 mil) place sand bags to raise the height. In locations where you are channelling water to, eliminate a bag so the water flows out to your basin. I do recommend using polymer and also doing a bench-scale test to make sure your pump and dewatering rates tie up. For more information, check out the Geomembrane Liner page.

Dewatering Liner Options and Overview

full dewatering bagsAnother option you could consider is the use of a Dewatering Bag or Tube. These bags will essentially achieve the same goal but in a single container. The dewatering bags feature a non-woven material that allows water to filter out while sediment and silt are retained. The dewatering tubes, by contrast, are significantly larger, use a woven material, and are more equipped to cover the area you have mentioned.

These products can be viewed on our Dewatering Products Overview Page.

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