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Question: Hi, I am looking for a fuel bladder that can store a large amount of stationary fuel. I am looking fuel bladderfor 50,000 gallons or more. I see that you have collapsible tanks, but I'm not sure of your sizes. Is this something that you supply?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! The Flexible Fuel Tanks are a great choice for stationary storage around your location. Due to their flexible design, they have been used around the world to supply fuel to areas in need.

To answer you question about size, the flexible fuel bladder comes in sizes ranging anywhere from 25 to 250,000 gallons. A 50,000 gallon tank typically features the dimensions of 37' L x 40' W x 3.5' H. However, the collapsible tank is one of the most flexible tanks available and can be manufactured to meet your specific requirements.

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Fuel Bladder Uses

fuel farmWith an ability to store a large amount of fuel in a fast manner, fuel bladders have been used in a wide range of applications including some of the following:

  • Military Operations
  • Rural Construction Sites
  • Relief Efforts
  • Industrial Fuel Storage
  • Fuel for Mining Operations

Flexible Fuel Tank Advantages:

When compared to other large capacities fuel tanks, the flexible fuel bladder has several advantages. Some of these include:

  • Fast Deployment: When empty, the collapsible tank lies completely flat and is often rolled or folded up for transportation. This can save you thousands in shipping costs as the tank can be transported in a smaller size.
  • Easy Setup: When used in emergency applications, it is essential that your storage tank can be set up and installed quickly. Collapsible tanks are some of the easiest to install tanks on the market today.
  • Low or High Profiles: Depending on your specific site requirements, the collapsible tank can be made with a high profile (for visibility requirements) or a low profile for out of the way storage.
  • Rugged Material: These bladders have a rugged material design that holds up well to fuel and other hazardous materials. These materials are also well equipped to hold up against constant UV exposure.

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