Flexible Frac Tank

Cost Effective, Large Capacity Frac Tanks

flexible frac tanksA flexible frac tank is an economical alternative to store bulk quantities of liquids on site at an oil field or hydraulic fracturing location. Using a flexible tank instead of a traditional steel model helps reduce site footprints, lowers shipping and transportation costs, reduces heating costs, and allows customers to store large capacities in a single storage tank. Made in capacities as large as 210,000 gallons (or 5,000 BBL), Mars frac tanks can offer increased storage at significantly lower costs. GEI Works is a frac tank manufacturer, with of all our tanks made in the USA.

Flexible Frac Tank Benefits:
Technical Specifications
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Typical Sizes
See available sizes up to 5,000 BBL
Typical Fittings
2-4, 4" Fill/Discharge Ports
2 x 2 Floor Drain Ports
2" Diameter Vents
  • Fast availability (short tank delivery lead times)
  • Mars flexible frac tanks can hold up to 210,000 gallons of liquid
  • Significant transportation and logistics savings
  • Reusable, easy to deploy and install
  • Energy savings in heating (flexible tanks retain 50% more heat than steel)
  • Each frac tank is tested for quality perfomance before shipping
  • Hooks up to pumps and piping

Flexible frac tanks are constructed from a robust fabric that can handle frac water, brine, process fluids, protection fluids, and flowback water. Due to the demanding nature of most site locations, flexible frac tanks are manufactured with a high strength urethane fabric that offers high strength, high resistance to UV exposure, cold temperature resistance, and more. Frac tanks are also designed to fold easily for transportation to and from sites.

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Flexible Frac TanksGEI Works is a frac tank manufacturer who focuses on building extremely durable and reliable storage tanks with the highest level of material to ensure safe and lengthy containment of your materials. All fittings on our frac tanks can be built standard or constructed according to specific requirements for your location, as well as to military requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us with site-specific specifications.


  • Capacities: 5,000-210,000 gallons
  • First Grade/Mil Spec Materials
  • Folding Exterior
  • Standard or Custom Fittings

Note: With any type of frac tank storage, it is recommended that a ground cloth be used beneath the tank and that secondary containment liners and berms are used as part of an environmental best practice plan. We recommend Aluminum Angle Berms for secondary containment on your site.

Pit Liners & Secondary Containment

Other Materials

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