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April 14, 2011--The Florida Department of Transportation hosted the first ever Construction Environmental Exposition on April 20th in Gainesville, FL and Granite Environmental, A division of GEI Works, was there.

They were joined by other contractors, designers, consultants, County Road Departments, Water Management Districts, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Army Corp, and others at the Gainesville Operation Center to share information and collaborate on the best management practices for Stormwater Management on FDOT construction projects.

Why was this Inaugural Expo so important? Florida Department of Transportation Representative Emy Delgado pointed out that it was consistent with the Department’s environmental policy “to help preserve and enhance Florida’s natural, physical, cultural, and social environment as we develop, implement and maintain transportation facilities and services.”

What does construction have to do with the environment? Delgado went on to say that “effective control of erosion and sedimentation on a construction site depends upon the proper selection and use of a number of best management practices (i.e. construction road stabilization, sediment traps, sediment basins, turbidity barriers, storm inlet protection, slope drains, pollution source controls, dewatering techniques, etc.) The Expo was a great opportunity for all parties to preview some of the new products and environmental technologies of 2011.”

How did GEI Works fit in? This local Sebastian, Florida company specializes in site specific product solutions for a cleaner world. They offer a complete line of Stormwater and Construction BMPs to help keep clients’ sites in compliance, avoiding fines and shut downs. With seven in-house Florida Stormwater and Sedimentation Control Inspectors, GEI Works also provides expert knowledge, insight, and regulatory standards to their clients.

Hope you had a chance to visit GEI Works and others at the ground-breaking expo! Delgado stated it perfectly; “We hope that all parties are able to take advantage of this unique opportunity to see how each of us fit into the Environmental Big Picture.”

The Environmental Exposition was scheduled for April 20th from 9 am to 4 pm. It was held outdoors at the Gainesville Operations Center located at 5301 NE 39th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32609.

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