Floating Debris Boom

Debris Boom for Marinas and Harbors

floating debris boomQuestion: I am in need of floating debris boom, and I am looking for the price for 100 feet of this type of boom. I will be using this in a marina, tidal speed less than 2 knots with waves less than 6 inches. What type of cost am I looking at, and how can I remove debris that is collected?

Answer: In order to price your debris boom correctly, there is information we would need (in addition to the water conditions you have already described). We need to know:

  • Specific Height and or Freeboard Required
  • Skirt Depth Needed (if specified)
  • Type of Floating Debris Requiring Containment

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Floating Debris Boom for Trash Removal Cleanup

floating trash boomFloating debris boom is a great method for collecting and containing floating debris. After containing the floating debris, removing the debris that collects along a floating trash boom can vary depend on where you have placed the debris boom and what you are trying to contain. If your barrier is installed along a shore, debris will most likely wash up along the shoreline. From here it can be easily picked up and removed.

Other products you can choose to help with floating debris cleanup include:

  • Trash Skimmers
  • Vacuum Trailers
  • Harvesters

Trash Boom Design and Styles

Trash boom styles vary depending on the type of floating debris needing to be contained, as well as water conditions in your area. Styles for Orion floating debris boom include the following:

View All Orion Debris Booms. Not sure what type of boom you need? Review a list of boom appliations and uses, or our Boom Frequently Asked Questions will help. Or call us! We're happy to talk with you about your project.

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