Floating Turbidity Barrier for Bridge Construction

Customer Testimonial: Floating Containment Mat for Bridge Debris

floating turbidity barrier for bridge workWe are doing some repair and maintenance work on a bridge, and GEI Works proposed a floating turbidity barrier with a twist.

We had to control and contain the concrete and grout in the water, but instead of using a regular silt barrier, they designed a floating barrier system that would not be affected by the 6 knot current!

This will save me a lot of money and time and be better than what is required. This floating containment mat or whatever you want to call it is really neat!

Los Angeles, CA

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Rather than using the traditional floating turbidity barrier design that includes a top floatation device, bottom skirt, and a ballast chain, this floating turbidity barrier for bridge work is designed to fit completely around the pylon. This creates a solid area of piling protection around all sides. The containment area can be as large as necessary, creating an ample surface area for catching falling bridge debris, tools, moss, and other bacteria being removed from dock posts located above. Specialty floating turbidity barrier designs can fit around and under pilings, dams, and bridges under repair.

floating containment mat systemSee the bridge system we recommended for Austin in the PDF!

In addition to custom designs, GEI Works offers a standard Floating Containment System for use under bridges, docks, and other structures over water. Sizes range from 10' x 10' to 15' x 30'. The mat itself is made of a high strength PVC material that has a strong resistance to lead and other chemicals. The 6" high walls are constructed of foam that keeps the floating containment mat above the water while also providing a large containment area for debris. For additional support, compression pads are available to help protect mats from puncture, while absorbents can soak up oil and hydrocarbons. Each floating barrier system is reusable once cleaned of debris and contaminants.

In addition to catching bridge debris, floating turbidity barriers have also been used in the following applications:

  • Fire Fighting
  • Disaster Relief
  • Tank Containment
  • Spill Storage
  • Decontamination Efforts

Have a project that requires a customized design? Give us a call! We love to work with customers to design the best product for their unique specifications.

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Questions about floating turbidity barrier? Give us a call at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.