Incineration Regulations

EPA Regulations

epaWhen incinerating waste, the EPA incineration regulations limit the amount of air pollutants that can be emitted during this process. Incinerating waste of this nature can release a number of harmful pollutants into the air. Some of these harmful emissions occur because harmful elements in the waste itself remain unchanged during combustion. Other times pollutants are formed through the combustion process itself and then released into the air when the process is complete.

police incineratorThe EPA regulations limit the amount of each pollutant that be emitted during this process in order to maintain an atmosphere that is as clean as possible. For this reason, when looking to incinerate materials, it is important that the incinerator you use has implemented a way to control the formation and release of these pollutants.Test data currently suggests that one such way to control or decrease these emissions is through the use of secondary chamber and or an increase in temperature.

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