Economical Incinerator to Dispose of Drugs

Portable Drug Disposal Incinerator

small scale incineratorQuestion on an economical incinerator for drugs. We need a price for an incinerator that will service 5 counties. We are a county close to the Mexican Border and we deal with hundreds of pounds of drugs per month. We have in storage approximately 150,000 to 200,000 pounds that we cannot get rid of fast enough. How many pounds per hour will it burn?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! The rate of burn for a Portable Drug Incinerator for Drug Disposal can varying depending on different factors including the fire you produce in your barrel and the amount of drugs you place into the incinerator at one time. In general, these incinerators can burn up to 30-50 lbs/hr. However, the pounds per hour burned is often directly related to the amount of liquid content and the size of the incinerator. The drug disposal units are used for for efficient and safe disposal of confiscated drugs and sensitive documents and most commonly used by Local Law Enforcement.

Larger Incinerators

While these incinerators can be a great and economical solution to your drug disposal needs, you might want to also consider one of our Industrial Solid Waste Incinerators. These incinerators are made in several different models and sizes for the disposal of different types of solid waste materials. Smaller units can provide 55 to 85 pounds per hour, with larger units providing an incineration rate as high as 366-605 pounds per hour. Learn more about GEI Works' Small Scale Incinerators.

Read additional information on which incinerator or portable burner may be best for your Drug Disposal operations.

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