Drainage Ditch Solutions for Stormwater Management

Filtration, Ditch Checks, Barriers, and Dewatering

Stormwater drainage ditch solutions come in a variety of different options, styles, and shapes. GEI Works can help you find the solution you need for addressing stormwater and erosion challenges in drainage ditches, swales, and more. For assistance, just contact our experts with a description of your project, the surrounding environment, specifications or project details, and your concerns. We'll work with you to identify solution options, provide pricing, and installation advice.

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Just a Few of GEI Works' Drainage Ditch Solutions for Stormwater Management

Drainage Ditch Solution: Filtering Stormwater

While preventing erosion-laden waters on your jobsite is the best practice, it is not always practical, or even possible. Until the soil can be stabilized, the compliance solution is to trap the ditch drainage before it exits the job site, and direct it through a filtration device. GEI Works specializes in the USA-manufacture of economical and effective stormwater management solutions. Listed below are common solutions for managing stormwater with drainage ditches, but we have many other alternatives for specific applications. Please ask us, if the solution you need is not listed here.

  • taurus ditch checkDitch Check
    Taurus Ditch Check can be a very effective solution for drainage ditch filtration, when installed and maintained properly. Designed for use as small, temporary dams in swales or drainage ditches, they filter stormwater as it flows through. Additionally, it slows the flow of stormwater through the channel, helping to reduce erosion. The patented Ditch Check is an important stormwater BMP in preventing sediment from entering larger water systems. (U.S. Patent No. 10,196,283 B2)

  • Dewatering Solutions
    Dewatering is a sediment filtration process, whereby silt laden water is directed to a dewatering sock, bag, or tube. With the assistance of gravity and pressure from the natural flow, water filters through the fabric, leaving the sediment captured in the dewatering device. This can be an effective solution when used to treat stormwater before it enters a drainage ditch. The size of the Taurus Dewatering Bag needed and the type of fabric needed will be determined by jobsite factors.

Drainage Ditch Solution: Barriers to Direct Stormwater

As part of the solution for stormwater management, many find that in addition to filtering the stormwater, they need to implement a drainage ditch barrier to contain and direct the stormwater before pointing it to a filtration point for exit from the site.

Silt BarrierTriton Staked Turbidity Barrier is a tried and true solution for use with drainage ditch sites. One of our highest strength land-based barriers, Staked Turbidity Barrier Fencing is designed specifically for use with high stormwater flows. Made from impermeable PVC fabric, use it to control water flow across your site, and to direct stormwater to sediment settling ponds.


Five Ways to Control Erosion on Your Site: We provide product solutions that support SWPPP documentation, help with regulatory compliance, and prevent water pollution.

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