Type II DOT Turbidity Curtain For Pile-Driving

triton turbidity curtain logoDoes Your Impermeable Type II DOT Turbidity Curtain Allow Water To Pass Through?

Question on an impermeable Type II DOT turbidity curtain. Hi there, I have a few questions about your impermeable Type II DOT turbidity curtains. Do they allow water to pass through? What distance above the bottom do you usually keep the skirt?

We are trying to contain cement particles during a tremie-concrete placement and silt and sand turbidity during pile-driving operations. Request a Quote. We want an impermeable barrier because we need the curtain to contain the very fine cement particles.type II DOT turbidity barrier

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! Our impermeable DOT turbidity curtains are in fact impermeable. They are typically manufactured with a DOT impermeable PVC fabric that keeps silt, sediment, turbidity and other materials safely contained within your containment section. These curtains are specifically designed to prevent materials from spreading to other sections of your location.

When browsing through our Silt Curtain Section, you will see many different options include heavy-duty, medium-duty and DOT models. Please note that all our turbidity curtains are made standard with an impermeable skirt. Permeable skirts would be specialty item and would include geotextile fabrics that are placed within the PVC to allow for water to flow through.

While the impermeable curtain would be the best option for your location, a permeable barrier does typically feature some filtering ability. The geotextile used is nonwoven to allow for particles to be filtered out.

Turbidity Curtain Depths

When choosing a depth for your impermeable type II DOT turbidity barrier, you will want water to be flowing beneath the skirt at about one foot. This means that your skirt should sit about one foot from the bottom of your water location. Please specify your water depth so that we can spec you on a curtain that can meet this depth requirement.

The one foot spacing is designed to keep the curtain moving during containment. This works to keep your containment working on its highest level during dredging jobs and other operations.

Our technical staff is very prepared for unique applications and can really put together a combination of products that will get you the results you are looking for.

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