Type 3 HD Turbidity Barrier

Heavy Duty Silt Curtains for Fast Moving Waters

Type 3 Heavy Duty Turbidity BarrierTriton Type 3 Heavy Duty Turbidity Barrier is our strongest turbidity curtain, designed for fast moving waters and demanding conditions. Built to provide turbidity protection in strong water, waves, and wind, our heavy duty silt curtains bring sediment control and increased strength to any containment or control area.

Triton Type 3 Heavy Duty Turbidity Barrier is designed to meet or exceed state DOT and federal requirements for sediment control in moving waters. These heavy duty silt curtains are vital for specific jobsite specifications and have a variety of customization options. Built in the USA, you'll be pleased with this floating turbidity barrier's price, quality, performance, and turn-time.

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Type 3 Heavy Duty Turbidity Barrier Specifications

Type 3 Heavy Duty Silt CurtainsWhen installed as directed, Triton Type 3 Heavy Duty Turbidity Curtains for moving waters provide sediment control and protection from turbidity caused by construction. Heavy duty silt curtains create a secure containment area for the sediment-laden water, forcing the sediment to settle back to the watershed's floor. Using only rugged and reliable components, Triton's standard options for Type 3 HD Turbidity Barrier are detailed below.

Curtain Panel Length Available in 50 ft. or 100 ft. Sections
Curtain Depth Standard is 5 ft. (3 ft. to 100 ft. Available Upon Request)
PVC Fabric Heavy Duty 22 oz. PVC Fabric With UV Protective Treatment
Color Yellow For High Visability (Other Colors Available Upon Request)
Flotation 12 in. Square, Foam-Filled, Enclosed Cell
Tension Cable Dual 5/16 in Tension Cables
Bottom Ballast Chain 3/8 in Galvanized Steel Chain
Connectors Reinforced Grommets and Universal Bulk Slide Connectors
Anchor Points Recommended at 50 ft Intervals*
Product Flyer Triton Type 3 HD Turbidity Curtain (PDF)

* Significantly reduce the load on your curtain and increase the curtain's field-use life by having the right anchor type, pattern, and installation design. Our experts can help you determine the anchor pattern and placement needed to support the sediment control compliance requirements for your job site.

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Type 3 Heavy Duty Turbidity Barrier Accessories

Let us make it easy for you. We can provide all the components needed for your heavy duty silt curtains project and have it delivered ready for installation in just one shipment.

Triton Type 3 Heavy Duty Turbidity Barrier accessory components include:

  • Tow Bridles – Use a tow bridle for turbidity curtain installation to help prevent unnecessary stress tears and damage that can occur when locating (or relocating) turbidity curtain.

  • Anchor Kits – These pre-assembled anchor kits provide a convenient solution to stabilizing and controlling the turbidity barrier, and are quick to install. Kit components are also available separately.

  • Reefing Lines – Installing turbidity curtain across different water depths is a breeze with reefing lines. This handy feature lets you adjust the depth of each panel by simply raising or lowering the lines. Note: Best practice is to leave a clearance of 1 foot between the base of the turbidity curtain and the water body's floor.

  • Tidal Compensators – For use in areas with fluctuations in the water depth on the shore, such as tidal areas. Save yourself time in manually adjusting the curtain after storm events or tidal changes. The tidal compensator will take care of it for you, automatically adjusting with changes in water levels to keep the curtain secure and at the proper depth in the water. A Heavy Duty Model is also available to particularly rought conditions.

For additional information, please see our Turbidity Barrier Accessories.

Buy Turbidity Curtain from the Manufacturer

Type 3 Heavy Duty Turbidity Barrier ManufacturedFor a turbidity curtain cost that fits within your budget, buy direct from the manufacturer! Our heavy duty silt curtains prices and performance are excellent, without sacrificing quality. Triton Type 3 Heavy Duty Turbidity Curtain provides the proven results you're looking for, at a price that will fit nicely into your project's budget. (Ask us also about custom options and bulk heavy duty silt curtains pricing!)

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Still have questions? We can help you. We know the right solutions for sediment control at your site. Our turbidity curtain experts are available to answer your questions, and provide you with availability and pricing.

Questions about heavy duty silt curtains pricing? We can help! Call our sales team at 1-772-646-0597 or submit a form.