Type 3 DOT Turbidity Barrier

Floating Type 3 Barrier for Fast Water Conditions

Type 3 DOT Turbidity BarrierTriton Type 3 DOT Turbidity Barrier is designed to keep you in compliance with fast moving water construction projects, and is among our strongest turbidity curtains. Quality-made to meet strict DOT standards, Triton Type 3 DOT Turbidity Barrier is available at a reasonable price.

Since we are the manufacturer with no middleman, we pass the savings onto you. We design and manufacture our turbidity barrier products to exceed the DOT compliance requirements for most states. If your state has specific requirements, as the manufacturer, we can work with you to accommodate them. For even greater turbidity curtain cost-savings, order DOT Turbidity Barriers in bulk. Please confirm the specifications with us, when you contact us for more information.

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Permeable Type 3 DOT Turbidity Barrier Specifications

Fabric 18 oz. PVC, UV Treated
Permeable Filter Fabric Monofilament
Flotation Options 6 in. or 8 in. Floats
Standard Length 50 ft. or 100 ft. Panel Lengths
Standard Depth 3 ft. to 20 ft. Panel Widths
Top Connectors Steel Plates
Skirt Connectors Grommets
Bottom Connectors Steel Stress Plates
Bottom Ballast 5/16 in. Steel Ballast Chain
Tension Cables 5/16 in. Tension Cables
Product Flyer Type 3 DOT Floating Turbidity Barrier (PDF)

Triton Type 3 DOT Turbidity Barrier and Compliance

Type 3 Turbidity BarrierWhether for in-water, or for near-water construction projects, Triton Type 3 DOT Turbidity Barrier is key to keeping your job site in compliance with DOT requirements, as well as with EPA, Clean Water Act, and NPDES regulations. Designed for use in fast water, waves, tidal situations, or otherwise demanding conditions, these heavy duty permeable turbidity curtains are reliable tools for controlling and containing the turbidity of water at a location while allowing time for the sediment particles to settle appropriately. (See Stokes Law and Turbidity Currents for information on the sedimentation process.).

Please note, floating turbidity barriers are designed to act as temporary containment areas for sediment-laden water. When the correct type, size, depth and placement has been matched to the job site specifications, turbidity barrier is very effective in detaining the disturbed water long enough for the total suspended solids (TSS) to settle back to the water column's floor. When properly applied, floating turbidity barrier is widely recognized by regulatory agencies as an effective best management practice for controlling the turbidity of water. However, they will not act as dams or walls, or as permanent structures.

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Type 3 DOT Turbidity Barrier – Common Uses

  • silt curtain dredging bargeBays and Lagoons
  • Marinas
  • Tidal Locations, such as Shoreline Areas and Harbors
  • Offshore Dredging or Construction Sites
  • Bridge Repair Projects
  • Remediation Projects

Triton Type 3 DOT Turbidity Barrier is one of the strongest floating barriers available for controlling the turbidity of water. Use it for locations with flows up to 1.5 knots. All Triton Floating Barriers are made in the USA. Our sales team can answer all questions about our Type 3 DOT Turbidity Barrier, including turbidity barrier price, installation, and maintenance.

Type 3 DOT Turbidity Barrier - Reinforced for Filtration and Flow

Type 3 DOT Silt BarrierMade from a combination of permeable and impermeable fabrics, Triton Type 3 DOT Curtain is a permeable turbidity curtain, with reinforced permeable filter panels sewn right into curtain panels (also called filter skirts).

Besides being one of the strongest curtains on the market, Triton's Type 3 DOT design adds functionality by allowing the turbidity barrier to act as a sediment filter, as well as increasing flow in the containment area. Filter skirts are often used in areas with either a high flow velocity or a high level of sediment to reduce the amount of pressure placed on the curtain.

Additional Floating Turbidity Barrier (Type 3 and DOT) Options

We also manufacture several other styles of Type 3 Floating Barrier for use in rigorous marine conditions. Choose from Type 3 DOT, Type 3 Heavy Duty (HD), or Type 3 HD DOT Floating Barrier models. Custom and Standard options are available, as well as bulk pricing. For more information, please see: Type 3 Floating Barrier.

DOT grade Floating Turbidity Barrier is available in Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 models. This selection guide can be a helpful tool (along with our Comparison Chart PDF in determining the type of curtain needed for your jobsite application. If you have questions about what floating turbidity barrier your site needs, our sales team is available to answer your questions.

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