Type 2 Permeable Turbidity Barriers

Silt Screens to Filter and Contain for Compliance

Type 3 HD Permeable Turbidity BarrierTriton Type 2 Permeable Turbidity Barriers are floating geotextile silt curtains designed specifically for containing suspended sediment in water-based construction sites, while allowing a limited flow of water through the curtain. In addition to containing the turbidity, permeable silt screens promote sediment filtration and reduce load pressure on the curtain.

Triton Permeable Silt Screens are commonly used to meet Clean Water Act compliance requirements in locations where the current creates excess pressure or buildup on the silt curtain. The silt curtain's geotextile panel relieves load pressure by allowing water to flow through the fabric while also filtering out sediment.

At the same time, it creates a secure containment area and prevents turbidity from escaping beyond the barrier. Built in the USA and priced either by the panel or in bulk quantity, you'll be pleased with this silt curtain's price, quality, and turn-time.

Triton Type 2 Permeable Turbidity Barriers are designed specifically for use in jobsites with:

  • Moving water, currents, or tides
  • Waves up to two feet (2 ft.)
  • Moderate wind
  • Currents up to 1 knot

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Type 2 Permeable Turbidity Curtain Specifications

permeable curtain drawing

Constructed using rugged and reliable components, these floating silt screens contain turbidity while meeting project specifications. The standard design for Type 2 permeable turbidity barriers include: impermeable PVC fabric, permeable geotextile monofilament fabric, floatation, tension cable, bottom ballast chain, universal bulk connectors, and grommet section connectors throughout the depth of the skirt.

Curtain Panel Length Available in 50 ft. or 100 ft. Sections
Curtain Depth Standard is 5 ft., but 3 ft. to 100 ft. is Available Upon Request
PVC Fabric 22 oz. PVC Fabric With UV Protective Treatment
Color Yellow For High Visibility (Other Colors Available Upon Request)
Geotextile Fabric 6 oz. Monofilament Geotextile Fabric
Flotation 6 in. (For Skirt Depths Under 10 ft.)
8 in. (For Skirt Depths From 11 to 20 ft.)
12 in. (For Skirt Depths of Over 20 ft.)
Tension Cable Single 5/16 in. Tension Cable (below float)
Bottom Ballast Chain 5/16 in. Galvanized Chain
Connectors Reinforced Grommets and Universal Bulk Slide Connectors
Anchor Points Generally Recommended at 50 ft. Interval*
Flyer Type 2 Permeable Turbidity Curtain Flyer (PDF)

Our experts can help you determine the anchor pattern and placement needed to support the compliance requirements for your job site. Additionally, having the right anchor type and pattern, accurate silt screen installation design can significantly reduce the curtain loads. This increases the field-use-life and performance effectiveness of the geotextile silt curtain.

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Type 2 Permeable Turbidity Curtain Accessories

Turbidity Curtain Anchor KitLet us make it easy for you. Get all the components needed for your silt screen installation from one source and in one shipment. Type 2 silt curtain accessory components include:

  • Tow Bridles – Use to help prevent stress tears that can occur when installing or relocating curtain.

  • Anchor Kits – These pre-assembled anchoring kits are convenient and save time on site. The key to successful silt screen use is proper anchoring (if you need assistance in determining the required placement of anchors, please contact us.) Kit components are also available separately.

  • Reefing Lines – Reefing lines are a practical alternative to piecing silt screen panels of different sizes together to suit the varying topography of your below water jobsite. This accessory greatly simplifies the silt screen installation of permeable curtain when it is necessary to adjust each section for depth. Simply use the reefing lines to lower each silt screen section to the correct depth, leaving 1 foot of clearance at the base.

  • Tidal Compensators – For use in areas with fluctuations in the water depth on the shore, such as tidal areas. Use these handy compensators when securing the edge of the turbidity barrier to the shore. They automatically adjust with changes in water levels, keeping your curtain secure and at the proper depth in the water. Exceptionally rough conditions should use the HD Tidal Compensator Model.

  • Installation – Please see Turbidity Curtain Installation Instructions (PDF)
    Note: We also offer silt screen installation services!

  • For additional information, please see: Turbidity Barrier Accessories

Buy Curtain Direct from the Manufacturer for Custom Options

Type 2 HD Permeable Silt CurtainOur floating geotextile turbidity curtain prices fit within your budget without sacrificing quality or performance. Robust and reliable, Triton Type 2 Permeable Silt Screens are built to meet the compliance needs of your project. When installed as directed, they will successfully provide protection from construction-related turbidity by containing suspended debris and sediment until the sediment settles again. As a secondary function, they also trap floating debris for later retrieval. Triton floating silt screens can provide the results you're looking for. (Ask us also about build to suit options and bulk silt curtain pricing.)

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Are you still unsure about what turbidity barrier you need? Our turbidity barrier experts can answer your questions, and provide you with pricing. Call or request a quote today!

Questions about type 2 permeable turbidity barriers? We can help! Call our sales team at 1-772-646-0597 or submit a form.