Type 2 DOT Turbidity Curtain

Meets or Exceeds DOT Type 2 Specifications

Type 2 DOT Turbidity CurtainTriton Type 2 DOT Turbidity Curtain meets Department of Transportation regulations for construction sites and road projects bordering waterways or wetlands. Built in the USA, our Triton Type 2 DOT Turbidity Barrier is designed specifically for use on DOT sites that have any of these conditions:

  • Moving water, currents, or tides
  • Waves up to two feet (2 ft.)
  • Moderate wind
  • Currents up to 1 knot

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Type 2 DOT Turbidity Curtain Technical Specifications

Curtain Panel Length Available in 50 ft. or 100 ft. Sections
Curtain Depth Standard is 5 ft., Other Sizes (3 ft. to 20 ft.) Available
Fabric 18 oz. PVC, UV-Protective Treatment
Color Yellow, For High Visibility
Flotation 6 in. or 8 in. Square Foam Filled Floats
Tension Cable 5/16 in. Tension Cable (Below Float)
Bottom Ballast Chain 5/16 in. Galvanized Chain
Connectors Grommets, Top and Bottom Stress Plates With Shackle Connectors For Support
Anchor Points Generally Recommended At Each 50 ft. Interval*
Product Flyer Triton Type 2 DOT Turbidity Curtain Flyer (PDF)

*Our experts can help you determine the anchor pattern and placement needed to support Department of Transportation compliance requirements for your job site.

Type 2 DOT Turbidity Barrier

Note: The components listed above are recommended for fresh water applications or project sites where the floating turbidity barrier will be in use no longer than 12 months. For salt water environments, the components recommended are: stainless steel cable, zinc anode connectors, and stainless steel chain.

Additionally, having the right anchor pattern, installation design, and anchor type can significantly reduce the curtain loads, increasing the field-use-life and performance effectiveness of the turbidity curtain.

Other important components include curtain chain connectors, tension cable for turbidity curtain, and turbidity curtain weights chain. For Type 2 Turbidity Curtain, proper installation and maintenance matters. Our sales team can help you determine what turbidity curtain components you need.

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Type 2 Turbidity Curtain Accessories

Turbidity Curtains Anchor KitWhen dealing with moving water, including waves and strong currents, anchoring your curtain correctly is the most important part of turbidity control. An improperly anchored turbidity barrier will fail. Choosing the proper accessories can make or break your project's success. Just a few of the necessary components are:

See more information about accessories for the Type 2 DOT turbidity curtain on our Marine Accessories PDF Flyer.

Triton Type 2 Turbidity Curtain Choices

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