GEI Works Customer Testimonials

Endorsements from Satisfied Customers

At GEI Works, we pride ourselves on finding the right solution for our customers' problems. Our products have been used all over the world to help commercial, municipal, and residential customers with their projects. From turbidity curtain to dewatering bags, read the customer testimonials below to see how GEI Works has helped people find their solutions.

Triton Turbidity CurtainWorld Hope International – Onion Tank

"Thanks for selling us this onion tank. We have it deployed in the Bahamas right now in Marsh Harbour. It is working out well. Thanks for making great products!"

For more information on our onion tanks and using them for emergency water storage, see our Onion Tank Overview.

Triton Turbidity CurtainNorthwind, Inc. – Turbidity Curtain Repair

"We explained the situation, and their technical sales staff provided an accurate assessment. It was a pleasure to work with their team. We did not have any issues with silt migration and stayed well within the project scope. The picture is of the turbidity barrier supplied by GEI Works and it clearly shows how well this turbidity curtain repair works."

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Trash BoomWork Management – Trash Boom

"Our company was in need of 150 of trash boom to keep trash and debris out of the river intakes. [They were] very knowledgeable and sent me quotes very quickly of our exact need. The service was outstanding, and the shipping was great. We have installed our trash boom, and it is working great. If your company is in need of erosion and pollution products, I would definitely buy from GEI Works."

For more information, read the whole Trash Boom Testimonial!

Floating Barrier SystemBridge Work in California – Floating Containment Barrier

"We are doing some repair and maintenance work on a bridge and GEI Works proposed a floating turbidity curtain with a twist. We had to control and contain the concrete and grout in the water, but instead of using a regular silt barrier they designed a floating barrier system that would not be affected by the 6 knot current! This will save me a lot of money and time and be better than what is required."

Get all the details on the Floating Containment Barrier Testimonial page!

Dredging with Dewatering BagsNevada Golf Balls – Dewatering Bags

"My company, Nevada Golf Balls, took over a dredging job for a golf course in Nevada… With Taurus dewatering bags, we could offer a great solution to our customer. With the pumps, we vacuumed the bottom of the lake, filling the sludge bags every day so we made it a perfect dredging job with dewatering bags. We were able to finish the job on time. Our job site looked clean, professional, and the odor didn't increase at all."

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Type 2 silt barrierGernatt Asphalt Products, Inc. – Silt Boom

"Our company purchased GEI Works silt boom originally in 2011 and have used your products since. These booms have worked as advertised and [in] harsh conditions, which included leaving them in place in our settling lakes over winter. They have survived being frozen in over a foot of ice and maintained their integrity for years... right from the first communications years ago, GEI Works Inc. company representatives have been extremely knowledgeable and helpful regarding the use of their products and proper applications."

Look through the entire letter on the Silt Boom Testimonial page!

Type 1 Silt CurtainsCummins, Inc. – Type 1 Silt Curtains

"We use the silt curtains to slow the silt intrusion into our lake during heavy spring rains. They worked well last year, and we are intending to reuse them this year. We've found that we can remove them (so they don't freeze in the lake), clean them and reinstall them in an efficient manner. The material has held up fairly well to date."

Visit the Type 1 Silt Curtain Testimonial page for more information!


debris boom on the riverCaptain's Quarters – Debris Boom

"We made the investment and purchased the floating trash boom from GEI Works. The trash and debris boom was delivered just in the nick of time, and it is working wonderfully now! It was a cinch to deploy and was delivered very timely. It's very well constructed, and I'm looking forward to the cleanup time from this flood to be cut from 3 days to about 6 hours!"

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