Erosion Pollution Resources

Erosion Pollution Resources

Welcome to the Erosion Pollution Resources page! Here you can find links to all our supportive pages designed to help provide you with further information about GEI Works Inc. (formerly Granite Environmental), our philosophy, and our policies.

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Spill Berms

spill berms

Booms and Barriers

turbidity curtains


onion tanks


dewatering bags

Stormwater Project Cycle

The stormwater project cycle is a system we created to help ensure that we can help customers in all areas of containment, prevent, control, recovery, and disposal. To learn more about a stage of this cycle, please click the appropriate category below:

Prevention: Pollution prevention can include any containment or best management product including spill pallets, stormwater drain filters, and safety cabinets.

Control: In order to control pollution on your site, products such as the silt fence and turbidity barrier can be implemented to contain pollution to a certain area.

Containment: Pollution containment involves items such as the oil containment boom and absorbents. These items are deployed quickly after spills to help contain contaminants for later cleanup.

Recovery: Recovery of pollution can take many forms including products such as spill kits and absorbents.

Disposal: After spills or other pollution projects (especially those involving oil), cleanup equipment that is now contaminated needs to be properly disposed of through items such as incinerators.

For additional information on pollution and other helpful resources, please check out Pollution Resources or Share a Pollution Control Story.

Press Releases

The list below shows our complete records of press releases made by GEI Works/Granite Environmental, Inc. Please feel free to browse through this erosion pollution resources list to find news and other products.

Other Erosion Pollution Resources:

Further links and information will be additionally added to erosion pollution resources as it becomes available on our site. Please feel free to browse through our policies, Learn more about our company on our about us page, or check out new products and news on our blogs.

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