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Build Outstanding Products with Care, that Reduce Human Impact on Our Ecosystem. 


We are a company committed to helping you find the right solution for your project. We realized a long time ago that every project is unique in its design, location and requirements. Rather than try to force your project settings to fit a specific product, we work with consultants and manufacturers around the world to produce and provide you with products that match your needs.


After years of watching customers having to settle for products that only partially met their needs, owners decided to start a company that works for consumer needs. They put together a team with the sales, marketing, and field experience necessary and began their work at providing product solutions.

We started in the construction/industrial field and brought innovative products to help control silt, debris, and keep areas clean. As we grew, we expanded our reach to include product solutions for oil, gas, and mining applications and various types of waste water containment and control. We now work to provide product solutions to customers around the globe in a wide range of industries.


Providing innovative solutions is more than just a catch phrase for us. We recognize that every project, job, budget, requirements and/or surroundings are not the same. Neither are our product solutions. In addition to offering thousands of variations in sizes, styles, and capacities for our products, we also consult with our manufacturing team and technical experts globally to help find the best solution for your exact project needs.

Over the years we have worked with customers and our consultant and manufacturing teams to provide new product solutions. Here are some examples:

Pile Driving Turbidity Curtain: When providing turbidity control for pile driving projects, standard procedure is to place a large barrier around the entire project area. To better address the issue, the pile driving curtain is placed directly around the piling, containing turbidity and silt at the source.

The Flexible Frac Tank: Over the years we heard our customers need for a frac tank that could store more liquid and take less time to set up. While some customers still prefer our standard steel tank, we also offer a collapsible tank that can store up to 200,000 gallons/4700 bbl of fracking water. As a collapsible unit the tank is incredibly easy to transport and set up, saving our customers time and money. It also saves thousands in transportation costs as many of these tanks can be hauled or moved in only one truck.

We also have multiple patented products specifically designed to help deal with stormwater runoff on construction sites and other building projects. See more of our Patented Stormwater Filtration Solutions.



We listen to our customers’ needs and create products that solve real problems. Our customers trust us to build products that work to protect our planet and we take that seriously. Our team will overcome obstacles, act with a sense of urgency to find and build solutions and deliver the right product at the right price, on time.


We constantly push ourselves to be our best, we focus on solutions, and we arrive every day to build this company together. We work to understand, analyze, and learn from our customers so that we can continue to build product solutions that WORK through our talents, passion, and hard work.


We strive for continuous improvement by looking beyond the status quo, speaking up when we see an area for improvement and truly believing mistakes are ok if we learn something. We are reliable to each other and our customers, speak honestly and put ourselves out there for others to learn from and lean on. We accept full responsibility for our decisions, actions, and results.


We make sure our team feels appreciated and valued. We look to develop and retain the best talent for our business, challenge each other, demonstrate a “can-do” attitude, and foster a collaborative environment. We’re serious about our no-jerk policy.  We seek out personal and professional growth. We believe your time at GEI should make you better.


We Laugh. We are grateful, positive, and teachable. We rely on, support, and challenge each other and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We collaborate, support each other’s learning, and have fun, because happiness and a solutions-focused attitude are contagious. The present and future is what WE make it!

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