Decontamination Pool

Asbestos Remediation Decon Pools

Question on a decontamination pool: Hi, what sizes do you have available for your containment pool? This is an asbestos decontamination project. The bottom will be cut out. Using unit to create a "seal" on contaminated surface. How much does each unit weigh?decontamination pool

Answer: Thank you for contacting GEI Works. I'd be happy to provide you with more information on the containment pool. There are actually a couple of different options from which to choose:

The onion tank can be used for decontamination. These are rapid deployment tanks used for temporary liquid storage where response time is critical. These portable tanks can be used to store recovered hazardous materials, like oil from oil spills via pumps and skimmer systems, chemicals, emergency water storage or for other liquids.

Our portable Onion Tanks (also known as "Blivets") come with either a floating foam or air filled collar, side support and ground anchors are optional, as are covers, ground cloth and carry/storage bags. These portable tanks are easy to deploy with minimal resources and are operational in minutes. This tank will weigh at its smallest, 27 lbs, and at its largest, 499.

The other option is our inflatable containment pool. It is ideal for Emergency personnel anddecontamination pool HAZMAT use where response time is critical. Ideal for wash down areas, for the decontamination of people or equipment. Portable units are supplied with inflatable air chambers or soft memory foam filled sides.

The air filled is our most popular due to the small storage footprint. Our Standard emergency water storage tanks are sized from 50 to 50000 gallons and made from PVC, Urethane and Rubber. We do offer custom designed portable tanks.

We also offer small frame tanks that can provide a more rigid structure for your contaminated water or runoff materials.

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