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Orion Debris and Trash Boom

Floating Debris BoomThe Orion Floating Trash and Debris Boom is a reliable containment option for locations dealing with unwanted trash, debris, seaweed, or aquatic plants. Made from marine grade PVC, each Orion Floating Trash Boom is designed for high strength debris containment. An industry favorite for durability and strength, each Orion Floating Trash Debris Boom is manufactured in the USA, making it ideal for both commercial and private locations large and small looking to contain debris and trash.

Orion Floating Debris Booms are available in calm water, moving water, and open water models. Not sure which trash boom is right for you? Our specialists can help determine which product is best for your specific conditions and requirements.

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Orion Calm Water Booms

Boom Type Fabric Ballast Cable Sizes
10" 22 oz PVC 1/4" N/A 25'
12" 22 oz PVC 1/4" N/A 100'

Orion Moving Water Booms

Boom Type Fabric Ballast Cable Sizes
11" 22 oz PVC 1/4" 1/4" 50'
19" 22 oz PVC 5/16" 5/16 50'
25" 22 oz PVC 5/16" 5/16" 50'

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Orion Fast Water Booms

Boom Type Fabric Ballast Cable Sizes
31" 22 oz PVC 5/16" 5/16" 50'
37" 22 oz PVC 5/16" 5/16" 50'

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Orion Floating Debris and Trash Boom Models

containment boomAs seen in the table above, floating trash booms are typically categorized as either calm, moving water, or fast water booms.

Below you will find more information on each of the trash boom models and how they can be used for debris control in your location. For more, read about how to use Protective Boom to Trap Debris.

Boom Type Water Conditions Uses
Calm Water Boom No Current
Mostly Calm Water
Limited / No Waves or Tides
Calm Water Bodies
Residental Ponds or Lakes
Moving Water Boom Currents
Some Waves / Tides
Mild Water Conditions
Moving Water Ponds and Lakes
Fast Water Boom Fast Currents
Frequent Waves / Tides
Offshore Areas
Offshore Areas
Fast Moving Rivers

Debris Containment Boom Color

trash boom The standard color for all debris containment booms is yellow. However, we offer several other colors for boom and curtain such as green, blue, and black. See available colors and images of those products on our Turbidity Curtain and Boom Colors page.

**Additional sizes, fabrics, and section lengths available. Please do not hesitate to ask our specialists about additional options.
Accessories: Anchor Kits, Buoys, Shoreline Connectors, Tow Bridles, Floating Marker Lights

What Trash Can the Orion Boom Contain?

algae barrierFloating debris brought in by wind, water currents, and waves can damage your facilities and equipment. Orion Floating Debris Booms are used for both long-term and short-term protection in lakes, rivers, streams, and golf courses. Its ability to remain strong against currents, waves, and tides has made it a great choice for a wide range of debris containment as an algae barrier or trash containment boom.

Common Items Contained by Floating Boom:

  • Floating Plastic, Wrappers, Cups and Trash
  • Golf Balls
  • Seaweed Barriers/Control
  • Large Particles or Timbers
  • Leaves and Branches
  • Aquatic Plants
  • Tsunami, Hurricane, or Marine Debris Containment
  • Red and Brown Tide
  • Marine Life (Fish Kills)

Sizes and Specifications

Give us a call at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.

Floating Debris Boom Deployment

Deployment and setup for your floating trash and debris boom will depend on your water area and the type of protection required for your location. While intakes may require a barrier that blocks off the opening/intake area, other locations may require a setup that allows the debris to wash up along the shoreline. For best results, standard floating booms should be installed at a 30 to 45 degree angle perpendicular to the direction of the water flow.

Due to their impermeable design, each floating trash boom is built for use with a wide range of floating particles. Whether you need to contain small plastics around a lake or collect large debris after a natural disaster, such as a tsunami, hurricane, or flood, we have a boom that can help with your requirements.

Other Floating Debris Boom Options

steel mesh debris boomIn addition to the floating debris barrier featured above, we also offer several barriers made from hard plastic and steel mesh. See our Boom Applications page, or Boom FAQs.

Floating Boom Options:

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