Debris Boom to Prevent Algae Mats

Algae Debris Boom

debris boom to prevent algae matsQuestion: I'm looking for a debris boom to prevent algae mats from entering the channel in front of our home on a saltwater lagoon. This would need to be a more permanent type of debris barrier.

The lagoon has a tide gate control and has very little tidal action, raising and lowering 6” to 12” during larger tides. For the most part the water is calm, we will get a 12” wind chop during storms blowing 30+ MPH. The lagoon's bottom is sandy.

We have a small amount of drift wood that can end up in the lagoon from kids dragging it in from the beach on the ocean side. The approximate length would be 100' with an appropriate curtain depth – I think 6” to 12” would stop the algae mats. I'm wondering what the approximate cost would be for the debris boom to prevent algae mats, and if the floating trash boom is available in colors other than yellow.

Answer: Hello there! I'm happy to help. I can imagine that the algae mats are a nuisance. GEI Works, formerly Granite Environmental, carries both permanent and temporary debris boom. Our Oriontrash and aquatic plant booms are used to capture, contain or deflect waterborne items into a collection area, where the material can be easily extracted for recycling. Our Permanent Boom is one of several heavy duty options for the control of floatable debris, litter pollution and even oil spill cleanup.

Standard Debris Boom Sizes

With those options in mind, standard debris boom sizes start at 10 feet and go to 100. We can custom design the boom to assure an effective solution. You can choose from black, blue, orange, red, yellow and green for the color, but there are additional fees associated with colors other than orange and yellow.

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