Curb Inlet Guard Filters

Stormwater Inlet Protection for Curb Drains

curb inlet guardThe Taurus Curb Inlet Filter sets the industry standard in storm inlet protection, with a field-use life that lasts 6 to 12 months. This drain guard filters stormwater runoff as it flows into a curb inlet. Our patented design for stormwater inlet protection (U.S. Patent No. 10,323,401) stops sediment and debris, filtering water through tough geotextile fabric. This long lasting and low profile stormwater BMP curb guard fits into the mouth of a drain so it is out of the way of street sweepers, cyclists, cars, and foot traffic.

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curb inlet guard diagramThree-Step Installation is so easy, it can be completed by one person in just minutes. We recommend emptying on a regular basis during the long term use life. Taurus curb inlet guards have a unique row of overflow ports in the top that keep the water flowing once sediment fills the hopper – you don't have to worry about pooling. The curb guard's supporting rods and gussetts utilize the structure of the grate to provide support for the debris hopper. Another important feature of the curb inlet guard is its easily-to-install bar system, which holds the unit in place and flush against the curb.

Taurus Curb Inlet Filter Specifications

Height Depth Width
6" 14" 4'

Taurus Curb Inlet Guard Advantages

  • curb guardCost effective - the long use life eliminates the need for frequent replacement.
  • Protects your construction site's drain, helping you stay in compliance and avoid fines.
  • One step installation and easy maintainance.
  • Provides easy removal of sediments and debris.
  • Nearly invisible and low profile
  • Stays out of the way so it doesn't disturb vehicles, street sweepers, cyclists and foot traffic.
  • Can be re-used multiple times.
  • Features overflow ports to prevent water buildup.
  • Is customizable: You can insert pillows/pads with flocculants and absorbents to remove pollutants from the stormwater.

Out of Sight, Peace of Mind

curb inlet filterUnlike other curb inlet filters that put cumbersome barriers around a drain, this cost effective stormwater BMP is nearly invisible as it filters water inside the mouth of the drain for stormwater inlet protection. We recommend the Taurus Curb Inlet Filter to be used not only as a stormwater BMP for construction drain inlet protection, but also in any curb drain to filter runoff and reduce hazardous buildup. With regular maintainance, this curb guard can help you stay in compliance and allow for safe street-sweeping and driving for up to a year.

The curb inlet filter is an effective BMP for stormwater inlet protection as it keeps sediment and other pollutants from entering area waterways via the curb drain. Don't let stormwater runoff cost you money in fines or damage the ecosystem. Need mosquito and flying insect control? Taurus products can also help stop mosquitos that breed in storm drains from escaping for nonchemical and nontoxic drain fly and mosquito control.

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