Construction and Demolition Debris Control

Demolition Site Compliance Products

Demolition of a HouseGEI Works manufactures a complete product line of environmental solutions that help construction and demolition companies stay in compliance with local and national regulations. When conducting demolition work, there is the potential for demolition waste to release pollutants from dust production and stormwater runoff. Whether you're looking to control dust, supply the equipment for a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), or contain debris in or near a body of water, we can help your company stay in compliance with Erosion Control Regulations.

We supply storm drain seals, floating debris boom, nonwoven geotextiles, and even a dust suppression water trailer for compliance with demolition rules and regulations.

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Demolition Dust Control

Argo Water TrailerDemolition activities must be planned around compliance with local and federal regulations regarding pollutants. One of the major considerations of demolition work is dust mitigation. Water must be sprayed on the structure and surrounding areas for demolition dust control. We manufacture a portable water trailer with many different options for water spraying that provides a unique solution for dust suppression.

The Argo water trailer is a 500, 1000, or 1600 gallon trailer that works in tight spots and is easily towed behind a work truck.

Benefits of the Argo Water Trailer for Demolition Dust Control

  • The spray bar can cover wide swaths of ground on the entrance/exit of the site.
  • The hose can spray directly on the structure being demolished.
  • It can be quickly moved to multiple sites using a basic truck.
  • No special knowledge is needed to operate, and instructions are mounted on the deck.

Learn more about Argo Water Trailers for Demolition.

Best Management Practices for Stormwater Runoff

Curb Inlet FilterOne of the biggest considerations for a construction and demolition site is a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). A SWPPP contains all of the best management practices (BMPs) that will be used to control sedimentation and pollution from entering protected waterways. GEI Works manufactures product solutions for BMPSs in SWPPPs including:

  • Curb Inlet Filters are cost-effective BMPs that sit inside the curb inlet and filters sediment and demolition debris while allowing water to flow freely.
  • Over Grate Filter is an easy to install, inexpensive, vehicle-safe over grate drain filter that prevents construction and demolition debris from entering storm drains. Our patented design can even withstand street sweepers.
  • Drain Guard Spill Berms prevent oil and grease from reaching storm drains.
  • Mud Rumblers shake excess dirt and debris from vehicles leaving the job site.

Demolition Sedimentation Control

Orion Debris BoomThere is always the potential for releasing pollutants from a demolition site. Especially when it's near water. If your demolition site is discharging demolition debris into a waterway, the fines could be enormous. Stay in compliance with regulations by utilizing turbidity barriers to control sediment and boom to control debris.

Choose GEI Works' Products to Control Demolition Debris

From geotextile underlayment to stormwater filtration and turbidity curtain, we have a range of products needed to supply a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, and to contain demolition waste. We understand that demolition rules and regulations vary from state to state. We can often accommodate special requests if there is a unique situation involved.

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