Concrete Dust Control Trailer

Concrete and Water Regulation with Trailers

dust control while cutting concreteDust control while cutting concrete at construction and building sites is a serious concern for any contractor or development company. When saws carve into concrete, they create a dust cloud of silica particles. This material can cause major health problems when breathed in, including lung disease, silicosis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Wetting or misting concrete before cutting greatly reduces the amount of particles released into the air and protects workers from inhaling silica dust.

GEI Works offers the Argo water tank trailer as an excellent addition to any site for dust control while cutting concrete. With multiple ways to transport and release water, the concrete dust control trailer can meet all concrete and water needs. The tank is available in sizes ranging from 500 to 1,600 gallons, to accommodate both small and large building sites.

For more information about the concrete dust control trailer, see our Argo Water Tank Trailer PDF Flyer.

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Argo Water Tank Trailer Concrete Dust Control

Argo Water Trailer Specifications

Sizes 500, 1,000, and 1,600 Gallons
Engine 4 HP Honda
Pump 2" Honda Pump
Accessories Mounted Tool Box, Stake Pocket Tie Downs
Trailer DOT-Compliant
Water Discharge Options Spray Bar, Fire Hose, Hose Bibb

How to Cut Concrete CorrectlyConcrete Saws and How to Cut Concrete

On most construction sites, concrete pipes and slabs are cut with concrete saws. Available in a variety of sizes, these saws come in both wet and dry models.

Wet models generally have a water reservoir that keeps the blade wet during cutting. The Argo water trailer stores a large amount of water nearby to easily keep these reservoirs full and working efficiently.

How to Cut Concrete IncorrectlyDry concrete saws blast silica dust everywhere when used, causing serious breathing hazards. By using the fire hose on the water tank trailer to soak the area, the concrete is made wet even as the blade stays dry. The particles are tamped down before they take off, and concrete dust control still takes place.

Concrete Curing

Water Trailer Spray Bar in ActionConcrete and water also work together in the curing process after concrete has been poured. Concrete can take almost a month to fully set and keeping it hydrated during that time ensures a strong product with few stresses and cracks.

Misting concrete with the water trailer is easy using the galvanized spray bar. It is adjustable from 8' to 25', so the concrete curing spray can reach a large area at one time. Since concrete needs to be watered at least 5 times per day, the large tank sizes keep the water supply close without needing to refill.

The versatile Argo water tank trailer helps job sites with not only concrete dust control, but also misting concrete for curing purposes. Find out information about even more Construction Site Applications for water trailers.

See a video of the Argo water trailer in action on the Water Tank Trailer page.

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