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Industrial and Commercial Incinerators

Solid Waste and Portable Incinerators

portable incinerationHelios industrial and commercial incinerators (formerly known as Vulcan incinerators) are available in a range of styles and sizes to effectively dispose of trash, drugs, medical waste, solid waste, and a range of other waste materials. Often used for businesses, industrial facilities, bulk trash disposal centers, police stations, airports, and more, these incinerators work to quickly and effectively dispose of unwanted materials in a way that is safe for both your facility and the environment. Available models include small portable units (for law enforcement), and dual chamber disposal systems. Please click on the options below for more information on each of these disposal systems.

Solid Waste Incinerators

Helios 0.2
Helios 3.0 Incinerator
Helios 0.3
Helios 3.0 Incinerator
Helios 0.5
Helios 0.5 Incinerator

Helios 1.0
Helios 1.0 Incinerator

Helios 1.5 Helios 1.5 Incinerator

Helios 2.0stormwater BMPs

Helios 4.2helios 4.2 incinerator

Helios Crematory Incinerator Pathological Waste Incinerator

Helios Animal Waste IncineratorAnimal Waste Incinerator

Helios Industrial Waste Incineratorsecondary containment products

Portable Incinerators

Little Helios
Barrel Burner
Helios Medical
Waste Incinerator
Helios Containerized Incinerator
Little Helios Barrel Burner Helios 0.5 Incinerator Helios Portable Containerized Incinerator

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Small Scale Incinerator Models

Little Helios Evidence Disposal Unit:
Police Evidence Disposal IncineratorThis portable incinerator uses a 55 gallon drum model to effectively dispose of confiscated drugs and sensitive materials. Also known as a barrel burner or portable incinerator, these units are designed to help police stations and law enforcement to dispose of confiscated materials. The system is available for sale with or without the drum included. Read more about the drug incinerator units and the Little Helios Barrel Burners.

Helios Medical Waste Incinerators:
Police Evidence Disposal IncineratorThe medical waste incinerator is a small scale unit that has been used by small hospitals and clinics to safely dispose of infectious and pathological waste. This can include anything that comes into contact with an infectious disease.

Solid Waste Incinerators

Our Commercial Incinerator variety includes several dual chamber systems that provide a two-stage combustion process.

How It Works:

  1. solid waste incineratorPrimary Chamber: Here waste is loaded into the unit. Once all the materials have been loaded, the primary chamber (controlled by an automated system) will incinerate materials. Remaining products in this chamber will be ash.
  2. Secondary Chamber: The secondary chamber is sometimes referred to as the secondary combustion chamber. Here, by-products from the primary chamber will be further oxidized at temperatures in excess of 1,600° F.

Available solid waste commercial incinerators:

Helios 0.3: Processing capacity of 30-50 lbs./hr. processing capacity for solid waste streams.

Helios 0.5: Processing capacity of 55-85 lbs./hr. for animal waste streams with an average gross HHV range of 5500-8500 Btu/lbs. This model can be used for the incineration of animal waste.

Helios 1.0: Processing capacity of 145-200 lbs./hr.

Helios 1.5: Processing capacity of 175-250 lbs./hr.

Helios 2.0: Processing capacity of 210-320 lbs./hr.

Helios 4.2 : Processing capacity of 363-605 lbs./hr.

Helios A-SH: This commercial incinerator has been manufactured with either a two or three cell stepped hearth that provides a way to incinerate large volumes. They have commonly been used for applications that require the disposal of a high volume of waste or a continuous feed.

Helios A 130: This incinerator offers a system capacity of 130 lbs./hr and is intended to be used for animal cremation and disposal. The incinerator features a hot hearth design.

Helios A 165: The A 165 model is intended specifically for the cremation of pathological waste and human remains. It operates at a capacity of 165 lbs./hr. for the Type IV pathological remains.

Helios CIS: This portable containerized incinerator comes in an ISO container and is specifically designed for solid waste disposal in remote areas.

Helios Incinterator Comparison Chart

Solid Waste Commercial Incinerator Uses

The commercial incinerator is one of the most versatile products available and has been used to effectively to dispose of anything from trash to animal remains. Some of the various ways this product has been used includes the following:

  • Small Scale Waste Disposal
  • Solid Waste Disposal
  • Medical Waste Disposal
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Disposal of Garbage/Trash/Waste
  • Precious Metal Recovery
  • Nitroguanidine Disposal

While many solid waste incinerators are designed for the disposal of trash or solid waste materials, units have been additionally used to effectively dispose of more unique items such as nitroguanidine. Whether you require short term disposal of trash or controlled disposal of hazardous materials, these incinerators offer the control and storage necessary to safely dispose of your items.

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