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Collapsible Water Tanks

Pillow Tanks for Reliable, Temporary Water Storage

Collapsible water tanks are a reliable option for any site needing to temporarily store potable or non-potable water. Designed for crawl spaces or outdoor locations, our collapsible water tanks (liquid storage tanks) are easy to store, transport, and deploy with the ability to fit in otherwise wasted spaces. Multiple sizes and liquid compatibilities are available, making these tanks ideal for any industrial facility, construction site, or storage location. These tanks are perfectly suited for hurricane relief efforts, flooding, and natural disaster response.

Potable Water Bladder Tanks
Drinking Water Pillow Tanks
Gray Water Tanks
gray water collapsible water tank
Rainwater Storage Tanks
rainwater pillow tank

Flexible Fuel Tanks
Flexible Fuel Tanks

Frame TanksFolding Frame Water Tanks

Onion TanksOnion Water Tanks

Cistern LinersCistern Liners

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Visit our Storage Tanks page for more information.

Drinking Water Collapsible Tanks

4000 gallon inflatable water tankDrinking Water Pillow Tanks are built with fabrics that meet NSF 61 and FDA requirements for safe potable water storage. Collapsible tanks for potable water can be used for a wide variety of applications, indoor and outdoor. One customer utilized collapsible tanks to store drinking water for their Wilderness Survival Seminars.

Gray Water Pillow Tanks

gray water pillow tankGray Water Tanks are ideal for the storage of any nonpotable water type including rainwater, wastewater, process fluids, irrigation water, and more.

Applications for gray water collapsible tanks:

Rainwater Pillow Tanks

flexible tank for rainwater storageRainwater Storage Pillow Tanks are an easy way to quickly collect water from downspouts or roof tops. Tanks can be made as standard water storage tanks or drinking water compatible.

Built to contain from 25 up to 210,000 gallons of liquid.

small collapsible water tanksSmall Flexible Water Tanks are small water tanks that are the perfect choice for temporary jobs, small projects, or at home emergency water storage.

emergency water storage self rising onion tankEmergency Tanks are a self-rising, pop up option for any site looking to temporarily store water. These onion tanks are perfect for spas, tank repair, rainwater collection, spill containment, emergency water storage, and more.

Questions about collapsible water storage tanks? We can help! Call the GEI Works sales team at 1-772-646-0597 or submit a form.

Collapsible Water Tank Styles

military use collapsible tanksMilitary Tanks: We also manufacture larger Truck Tanks which are great for providing water or non-hazardous liquids for military or relief operations where tankers aren't always readily available.

flexicubeCustom Pillow Tank Designs: Realizing that each site has different space and storage restrictions, we are able to do both standard and custom tank designs. Custom Designs include cube tanks, special sizes and Large Collapsible Water Tanks.

flexible fuel tanksFlexible Fuel Tanks: In addition to our water storage options, collapsible tanks are also available for the storage of fuel. View our Flexible Fuel Tanks or Fuel Farms pages for more information.

View all Bladder Tank styles and Portable Pillow Tank Capacity.

Collapsible Water Tanks Benefits

Mars flexible tankCollapsible water tanks offer many benefits that standard rigid tanks are unable to offer. Some of the largest advantages include the following:

  • Bulk Storage Options (up to 210,000 Gallons)
  • Easy Installation
  • Folds up for Storage or Transportation
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Ideal for Temporary Storage Requirements
  • Low Profile
  • Rated for High and Low Temperature Use
  • Increased UV Resistance

See Bulk Storage Tanks for industrial and commercial applications.

Our collapsible water tanks are primarily used for storing drinking water, fuel cells, and temporary storage of contaminants (i.e. for oil spills). View the 500,000 Gallon Bag page to see how a collapsible tank can be used in many situations, such as a Temporary Storage Tank Solution. Read to learn more about Replacing a Water Storage Tank.

Collapsible Tank Fabric and Accessories

A variety of camlocks, ball valves, pressure relief valves, and fittings are available in a range of styles from economical PVC to Mil Spec. All our tanks are offered with berm liners, ground cloths, storage bags, repair kits, and use instructions!

Our water pillow tanks are manufactured from top grade materials and are provided with a certificate of fitness upon request.

Each pillow tank is warranted for a period of 1 year for workmanship and materials (full warranty details available on request) and certified for storage of approved liquids (an MSDS may be required to ensure complete compatibility).

Liquid Storage Tank Styles

Other Resources

steel drinking water tank

Frac Tank Information

During fracking operations, a large collapsible water tank is often required to help store brine, process, or other treated water during fracking.

Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater collection is becoming more and more frequent as areas continue to be hit with droughts,
increasing population, and limited water supply. Read more about these Rainwater Collection Tanks:

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