Custom Turbidity Barrier

Email Drawing of a Turbidity Barrier or Oil Boom

Question regarding a custom turbidity barrier: I need pricing on a Turbidity barrier and an Oil Boom and I'd like to E-mail you a PDF drawing. How can I do that?

Answer: We would be happy to help you with your turbidity barrier requirements. To send your drawings or specifications over to our sales team, please email the address shown below:


turbidity barriersWhen emailing us your information, please be sure that you also include your phone number and name. This will easily allow a member of our sales team to get in contact with you regarding any additional questions they may have.

Once the email is received, it will be forwarded to the appropriate member of our sales team who can look over the materials and help see if this type of product can be constructed.

In addition to providing your contact information, it would also be helpful if you could provide us with your project and water conditions. This can help us determine the correct fabric to use for your location. Anytime we are putting together a turbidity or oil boom, water conditions play a major factor in how we determine which boom should be used. Options include:

Turbidity Barrier:

  • Type 1: Calm Waters
  • Type 2: Medium Water Flows and Wave Heightsoil booms
  • Type 3: Rough Water Flows and Wave Heights

Oil Boom:

  • Calm Water Booms: Calm water locations such as ponds and lakes
  • Fast Current Booms: Moving water locations
  • Open Water Booms: Rough water locations in open conditions

For this reason, knowing the water conditions can help with storage in your location. Knowing the type of project you are working on can also help us determine which boom may be best. Turbidity barriers have a significantly longer skirt for control under the surface of the water, while oil booms have a short skirt.

If you have any additional questions regarding a custom turbidity barrier, please contact our sales team at 1-772-646-0597.