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bladder water tanksMars bladder water tanks are built for safe water storage and made with a choice of durable fabric that satisfies NSF 61 and FDA requirements for potable water storage. Mars flexible water storage bladders or pillow tanks are designed to lie flat when empty, and can be easily folded, stored, and shipped to your business or event. Bladder tanks are specifically designed for temporary and stationary water storage.
Mars Water Bladder Tank sizes: 25 gallons - to - 210,000 gallons

*See Bladder Tank Specifications for more detail on sizes and dimensions.

We also manufacture custom bladder tanks. If you need a special size or fitting that's not listed, please contact us. Mars water bladder tanks can also be manufactured in pillow tank, bladder tank, or barrel end tank design.

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Mars Water Bladder Tanks are Built to Last

bladder tank for water storage

Bladder Water Tanks Built for Safety and Durability

Mars tanks come with (2) 2" bulkhead fittings for fill and discharge. See full bladder tank specs, capacity, and dimensions page. Additional sizes and fittings are available upon request.

Potable Tank Testing

Mars Pillow Tank TestAll Mars drinking water tanks are manufactured using state of the art heat welding techniques. Every Mars water storage tank (no matter the size, large or small) undergoes quality assurance testing and a rigorous 4-point inspection before shipping, to ensure product performance.

Learn More About Mars Bladder Tanks

Bladder water tanks are constructed using a robust fabric material that offers a high resistance to UV rays, heat, cold, and other outdoor storage conditions. Bladder pillow tanks are constructed using an FDA and NSF 61 approved fabric that meets compatibility requirements for storing drinking water. Water storage bladders are often used in green construction for residential drinking water in rural areas, resorts, and island living or event management such as concerts or marathon races. Bladder tanks are also included in business and medical center emergency preparedness or hurricane plans and are perfect for drinking water storage during disasters and emergency relief efforts.

Water storage bladders are commonly used in the following locations for safe drinking water storage:

  • Construction Sites
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Retirement Homes
  • Events and Concerts
  • Emergency Relief Efforts (FEMA)
  • DOD Military Operations
  • Resorts
  • Remote Locations and Islands
  • Farms and Rural Areas

Drinking Water Bladder Features:

  • Pillow Tank Capacities: 25 - 210,000 gallons
  • Contact Times: 1-7 years, depending on the fabric type
  • Fabric: Meets FDA and NSF 61 requirements for potable water storage tanks
  • Barrel Ends - Rounded Corners Available

water bladder tankDrinking Water Bladder Benefits:

  • Folds flat and compact when empty
  • Drinking water approved interior
  • Multiple sizes and styles
  • Easy to transport
  • Fast set up in the event of an emergency

*Please discuss required fill and discharge options, support, fasteners, ground anchors, berm/ground liners, shade shelters, etc. with a GEI Works specialist to ensure smooth in-field operations.

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water bladder tankRounded Corner or Barrel End Bladder Tank Advantages:

  • More accurate capacity
  • Better fitting placement
  • Space saving
  • Improved design

Water Storage Bladder Fittings:

  • Standard: (2) 2" Bulkhead Tank Fittings
    Optional Fittings:
  • 3" and 4" Available Upon Request.
  • Ball Valves, Pressure Relief Vents, and Caps
  • Ports for Periodic Cleaning and Inspections
  • Ground Cloth
  • Emergency Plugs
  • Repair Kits
  • Operational Spare Parts
  • Pressure Relief Valves

Sizes for these large water bladder tanks range anywhere from 25 to 210,000 gallons. To see sizing and specifications on each size of these tanks, check out our Collapsible Tanks Specifications Page. In addition to our water storage options, collapsible tanks are also available for the storage of heavy fuels in flexible fuel tanks.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.

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