Barrier and Boom Accessories

Anchor Kits, Buoys, Lights, and Tow Bridles

anchor boom accessoriesSuccessfully deploy and install your barriers using GEI Works marine boom accessories. These essential tools help with ease of towing, deploying, and maintenance. GEI Works marine-grade accessories also stabilize the boom or barrier, helping to keep your floating boom securely in place.

Depending on your project and specific requirements, different boom and turbidity curtain accessories are essential to help install, tow, and protect the barrier. See below for more information and specs on typical silt barrier and boom accessories like:

  • Buoys
  • Anchors
  • Tow Bridles
  • Navigational Marker Lights
  • Tidal Compensators
  • Anchor Kits (Anchor, Painter Rope, Chain and Buoy)

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Boom accessories can include several different components to help deploy, install, and adjust your barrier. Designed for several different boom types, these accessories have been frequently used with debris booms, oil containment booms, and turbidity curtains. Using boom and turbidity curtain accessories with your applications will help products function at full efficiency while also protecting your investment. Learn more with our Marine Accessories Product Flyer and Ground Anchoring Infographic.

Anchor Kits and Buoys

anchor kit and buoyWithout proper anchoring your boom or barrier will fail. GEI Works offers pre-assembled Anchor Kits, which are necessary for any floating barrier. Anchoring is especially important in moving water conditions, including: Type 2 and Type 3 Turbidity Curtains, Open Water Oil Booms, River Debris Booms, and more.

Tow Bridles

tow bridleTow Bridles are a helpful boom accessory for deploying a floating barrier. Tow Bridles are a small device connected to both the boom or barrier and the tow boat. Rather than pulling at the boat from a single position, tow bridles redistribute the load so that the boat pulls at various portions of the turbidity curtain.

Small 12 in.
Medium 18 in. (for 24 in. boom or less)
Large 24 in. (for 25in. boom or more)
HD 24 in. Heavy Duty
Extra HD 36 in. Heavy Duty

Tidal Compensator

Tidal CompensatorA Tidal Compensator allows barriers and booms to adjust to changing tides or water heights. It will be connected directly to both a vertical structure and the boom or barrier. As water levels change, the tidal compensator will move up and down bringing the barrier with it.

For exceptionally rough conditions, consider the HD Tidal Compensator.

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Accessories can be connected to a variety of different water barrier equipment including turbidity barriers, silt curtains, oil containment booms, and more. Specific accessories can be included with your quote. If you are unsure which options are best for your application, please contact us to discuss your installation at 1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote.