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Pollution Recovery CyclePollution Recovery is pretty challenging as you have a number of site specific conditions that effect the selection of equipment. In addition to this you have to consider the quantity and type of pollutants and the best method for safely handling and recovering to a disposal or recycling site.

Granite Environmental offer a full range of MRO (Maintenance, repair and operations) product solutions like Spill Kits, cleanup equipment for recovery of pollutants whether on land or water.

We partner with the very best in the industry, to provide cutting edge solutions whether dealing with remediation of contaminated sediments and there removal, or oil spill response equipment i.e portable vacuum truck or trailer, oil spill skimmers and recovery pumps to recover product, or remove pollution in suspension in a storm water system.

Environmental emergencies, like oil and chemical spills and the release of radioactive materials, may occur from transportation accidents, events at chemical or other facilities using or manufacturing chemicals, or as a result of natural or man-made disaster events.

If you see a non-compliance issue in your location, please report it to the EPA or other environmental agencies to set in motion your pollution recovery plan.

This is primarily for Federal and State short-term immediate response situations.

On the other hand recovery may be related to a Superfund type projects where pollution had been in place for years and and are commonly referred to as long term operations or responses, also called remedial actions. These normally involve complex and highly contaminated sites that often require several years study to determine the problem, develop a permanent recovery solution, and clean up the hazardous waste.

These are the sites that most people think of when they hear about the Superfund program. You can Learn more about this program by visiting United States Environmental Protection Agency Superfund

We would be happy to discuss your specific recovery operation, whether short terms or long term, and offer effective, economical solutions. If we do not have the resources available we will send you in the right direction.

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