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Turbidity Curtains, Booms, Fencing, Stormwater BMPs & More

Erosion Pollution Products - Quote RequestRealizing that pollution control can be a challenging factor to consider during your project, GEI Works offers several products to help with the control and containment of pollution in your location. Products have included filtration options, such as drain guards or silt fencing, as well as impermeable water barriers such as oil booms and turbidity curtain.

Regardless of your control requirements, we are committed to helping you find the best options for your project location. Available products include:

drain guards

Sediment Filtration & Control Products

Drain Guards
Inlet Guards
Dewatering Bags
Filter Socks
Drain Covers

turbidity curtains

Silt, Turbidity & Debris Control Products

Turbidity Curtains
Debris Booms
Oil Booms

containment berms

Spill Control Products

Containment Berms

Whether you need to control turbidity, silt, debris, or erosion in your location, our team of experts is dedicated to finding a solution that will work for your location. Our team has worked with clients, regulators, engineers and consultants around the world to find effective and inexpensive solutions to erosion and pollution control requirements.

Factors that Influence Pollution Control

In order to determine the right product for your specific location, we often work closely with our customers to fully understand the conditions and requirements of their area. Factors we will often consider include the following:

  • Project Location
  • Project Duration
  • Soil Type in the Location
  • Water Conditions (Waves, Currents, Tides)
  • Project Type
  • Equipment Required

When examining the right option for your location, please do not hesitate to contact us with your information so we can determine the best solution for your area.

Stormwater Project Cycle

Pollution containment and control is just one of many steps in the stormwater project cycle. Offering solutions to help you throughout your entire project, we also offer many products to help with disposal, prevention, recovery, and containment.

Evaluating the conditions of your location can be very important to determining the right product for use in your location. For example the use of an area drain equipped with an inlet filter barrier could easily become overwhelmed with too much flow and cause a failure elsewhere. However, with proper planning, these guards can be sized and assembled according to the sediment volume and water flow in your area. It is very important to mention that when designers are assimilating your Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, that Erosion prevention, and, Sediment and Pollution devices are kept separate so as to avoid confusion and make it easy to see what is working and where improvements may be required.

Please feel free to Call us at 1-772-646-0597 at any point. We would be happy to assist, answer questions or steer you in the right direction.

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