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Dewatering Bags and Silt Filtration Products

Sediment, Silt, and Sludge Dewatering Filter Bags

Ask us about our Dewatering Tubes! Buy Taurus dewatering bag and dewatering products direct from the manufacturer! With Taurus dewatering filter bags, and pipe socks we save you money and you get an easy solution that works for filtering site discharge, wastewater, and runoff. Taurus dewatering products have a long field use life versus others that aren't as rugged and need frequent replacement.

Taurus Dewatering Bags
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Dewatering Socks

Most Taurus dewatering products are made from needle punched, nonwoven geotextile fabric. We manufacture both small and large filtration models, and can accommodate custom requests for our dewatering products. Common uses for dewatering products include: construction sites, wastewater treatment plants, and job sites to control the amount of sediment or pollution leaving the site. Taurus dewatering socks and bags are Stormwater BMPs and will help your site stay in compliance with local and federal stormwater regulations.

Dewatering products also offer an easy solution to filter non-stormwater that must be removed from job sites such as ground water, water from cofferdams, water diversions, and water used during construction. Ask for Taurus Dewatering Filter Bags,and Dewatering Socks for your water filtration needs.

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Dewatering and Filtration Options

dewatering bagTaurus Dewatering Bags: Dewatering and Sediment Filter Bags are the most common option for removing unwanted materials from discharge or stormwater runoff. These types of Silt Filter Bags are smaller in size, making them ideal for dumpsters, drop boxes, or other small dewatering areas.

Concerned about copper? Read about how to use Dewatering Bags to Remove Copper. One customer found that their dredge job was made easier using the Taurus Dewatering Bags. Read about Dredging with Dewatering Bags for a golf course in Nevada. Sediment Filter Bags are often needed for areas dealing with significant amounts of sludge. Get more information about Sludge Dewatering Bags.

Learn about Dewatering Bag Filtration Levels. You can also view specific dewatering products by visiting:

Dewatering Tubes: Geotextile tubes, also called Dewatering Tubes, are perfect for large dewatering filtration or sludge removal projects. Once on site, Geotextile Dewatering Tubes are hydraulically filled with saturated or contaminated sediment, sand or bio-organic solids and waste materials. When fully dewatered, the sediment is reduced in both weight and volume, allowing for more cost-effective material handling. Lengths vary from 50'-250', with circumferences ranging from 15'-90' with filling ports every 50'.

dewatering sockDewatering Filter Sock: The Dewatering Sock is designed as a quick and easy alternative to large dewatering bags or filters. Simply place the sock at the end of a discharge hose or pipe and allow the sock to filter materials. Sizes include 8", 12", and 16" diameters.


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Dewatering Products Applications

*If used for filtering oil, use an absorbent also as part of your dewatering process.

Dewatering Bags Differences

sediment bagsThe main differences in Dewatering Tubes are the size and construction. Some dewatering bags are a small storage option and are typically designed for areas with limited space. By contrast, other dewatering bags will be significantly larger in size and are typically used for wastewater projects such as lagoon dewatering or sludge removal.

Dewatering Products Geotextile Fabric Differences

While all Taurus dewatering products are constructed from a filter fabric, larger bags will typically require a higher strength material to accommodate larger amounts of sediment disposal. For this reason, dewatering bags will typically use a nonwoven fabric, while dewatering tubes will use a woven monofilament.

Both dewatering products have helped companies avoid shut downs or fines. Products can help remove sediment/organics from pumped water and reduce TSS levels from a runoff flow. See other Dewatering Filter Bags.

Call about our in-stock and custom BMP products and sediment bags. Dewatering products and stormwater BMPs are in stock and ready to ship!

Questions about our dewatering products? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or submit a form.

Sediment Control BMPs

Effective Stormwater Management often involves a combination of products, BMPs, and devices to accommodate various drains, projects, or work. For this reason, GEI Works offers several additional Best Management Practices (BMPs) including drain guards, inlet logs, gravel bags, silt fencing, and filter socks. Please check out our variety below for more information on these materials:

gravel bagFor protection on construction sites, we also offer a wide variety of BMPs including geotextile gravel bags, Drain Guards, catch basin inserts, and more.

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When looking for sediment control, many customers enjoy our coir products including construction BMPs, and more.

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