Corrugated Water Storage Tanks

dewatering bags GEI Works, LLC’s Made in the USA Corrugated Tanks for water storage are often a cost-effective solution for bulk water storage. Our trusted Industry partners can provide financing with several options for purchase. These tanks are designed with specific site conditions in mind, and the corrugated panel construction provides much greater panel strength than other bolted tank designs. Various models can be sized from 700 gallons up to 4,000,000 gallons and are utilized in municipal, rural, residential, industrial, and commercial locations. Note: a low-profile roof tank larger than 36 feet in diameter will require rafters and tanks larger than 39 feet may also require a center pole.

The efficient corrugated bolted-tank design means that large capacity tanks can be shipped over the road, crated and palletized, ready for installation on site. This allows for greatly reduced freight costs compared to traditional welded steel or poly storage tanks, whose footprint, and interior of ‘air’ make for costly transport. The advantage of a Corrugated Bulk Water Storage Tank, is that field erection and installation are fit to the needs of a specific location and installed onsite.

Precision manufacturing provides both efficiencies in lead time and savings in cost with most tanks warranted for 30 years depending on options selected and certified oversight during installation. Full installation services are offered to our US and Canadian customers, or Supervised Installation experts are available for other international locations.

dewatering bagsModern day Corrugated Tanks utilized for bulk water storage have migrated from flat-panel construction to a tapered design which allows for variance in the panel lap connections in conjunction with hydrostatic pressure requirements from base to top. Corrugated Water Tanks utilize G-115 hot-dipped galvanization, 20-gauge steel sidewalls and 24-gauge steel roof panels. Tanks include a pre-liner for protection of the interior liquid storage liner, and all flanges are hot-dipped galvanized steel.
With numerous options to choose from, including 30-degree roof pitches, 10-degree high rib or flat roof tanks for height restricted areas, open top tanks, inverted roof tanks, membrane roof tanks, elevated tanks on towers, and wood-cladding or painted options.

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Bulk water storage applications:

Corrugated Tank Options and Uses:

dewatering bagsDual purpose, or dual-use tanks can be fitted with specific gauges that allow for additional water storage above and beyond the minimum usable volume, while safe-guarding the required capacity needed for fire suppression. For instance, a tank for 25,000 gallons of usable volume for fire suppression could be sized to a 50,000 gallon tank to allow for the excess volume to be utilized for irrigation, process water, or emergency drinking water storage.
With continued growth in the construction industry, Corrugated Water Tanks are commonly designed as a primary component for stormwater management best practices. Water can be filtered after collection and reused to help offset potable water use, or as a controlled release into MS4 systems. If “Zero Runoff” policies are to be enforced, these tanks are an attractive alternative to using open-pit retention ponds or swales. Retention ponds use valuable real estate, can be difficult to maintain in both appearance and function, often require treatment for invasive plants and many insect species, and must be hydraulically dredged at intervals to maintain capacity. Runoff from structures can be captured, filtered prior to and after collection, then utilized for irrigation or gray water supplementation.

dewatering bags Open top, or ‘ring tanks’ are excellent alternatives to frac water storage, with bolt-together designs that allow for easier transportation into more remote areas with fewer trailer load trips. Depending on the size, these tanks may also be dismantled, relocated, and field-erected to multiple sites on a project as needed for the duration of use. Smaller ring tanks have been used for agricultural use, with use as farming or cattle watering stations, or aquaculture breeding tanks. They may also be used as mixing tanks for flocculating or water treatment (with approved MSDS provided for material selection and compatibilities).

Need a Budgetary Quote only?

If you are looking for a budgetary quote only, we’ll just need to verify the footprint you have available (include roof height restrictions if any), the purpose of the tank, (to ensure standard fittings are providing accordingly), the capacity, and the zip code the tank will be erected in (we’ll use this to determine estimated freight costs as well as which seismic, wind and snow zones may apply).

Need Corrugated water storage tanks? Give our sales team a call at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our Quote Request Form to discuss your requirements.

Need a Formal Quote?

Before settling on a particular model for quote, we will gather information from you about the size, fittings, and penetrations you may require using our Tank Questionnaire which you can return to us electronically.


dewatering bags Engineering designs follow current ASCE structural codes and AWWA requirements that take wind, snow and seismic factors into consideration. Most locations require an engineer with a license to practice in the jurisdiction where the tank is to be installed. These jurisdictions may be federal, state, county, province, city, parish, fire district or utility districts, and projects may require the inputs of several different licensed engineers to be involved in the design of a Corrugated Water Storage Tank. Through our network of trusted industry professionals, GEI Works LLC is able to provide stamped professional engineering services geared to site-specific requirements in 41 states currently.

When required we can provide engineering support for:

  1. Tank Structural Design specific to the installation location
  2. Foundation Engineering who will utilize site and soil conditions to calculate foundation and pad requirements
  3. Project or Engineer-of-Record services to review the tank’s structural design, foundation and piping before stamp and sign off of the overall project.
Tank Design should take into consideration the requirements of the site and specific application. For instance, if a tank is to be utilized for Fire Suppression, the tank must be designed with specific features to comply with NFPA 22 regulations and will have anti-vortex accessories as well as specific fitting size and locations. These tanks must be sized to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) requirements for ‘usable’ volume. If plans call out for 12,000 gallons of usable volume, the tank will be sized slightly larger to accommodate for level fluctuation in the fitting configuration.

After receiving a formal quotation, and prior to acceptance of your final order, we will provide you a form that will outline the basic parameters of your permitting requirements for engineering review which contains the following information

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Upon receipt of the engineering information, we will return Structural Design confirmation by our engineers within 10-12 business days. After approval – you’re ready to order! Lead times for most models is between 8-10 weeks ARO.

Project Considerations:

As part of your project considerations and after your tank is erected it is important to note that our customers are responsible for providing water to perform leak tests. Water must be available within 24-hours of tank completion to avoid redeployment fees. If a leak is found during the leak test, we shall repair this at no cost, but shall not bear the burden for cost of water or for damage to surrounding structures or vegetation from draining the tank. If water is not provided within 24 hours, we may require a charge for redeployment and re-test at the current time and materials rate to conduct the test. No warranties will be offered unless the tank assembly is performed or inspected by factory certified personnel or certified representatives. Customer must have the ability to unload and store the tank materials. Shipping locations other than a warehouse must be pre-approved. The water tank(s) shall be constructed on a concrete foundation as designed and installed by others (except Cistern Tanks which may be on an approved gravel pad). Unless otherwise stated, quote does not include sales tax, permits, foundation, assembly, erection, external piping, water for leak testing, water level controls, or any service/accessory not explicitly stated in the quotation. Due to the current volatility in the carbon steel market, pricing is subject to material escalation based on the published price index for hot rolled carbon steel. Freight costs are estimates only and will be finalized at time of shipping for current rates.

What Options are Available?
Accessories and Fittings include but are not limited to:
  • OSHA compliant safety ladders, cages, rest platforms, covers and walkways
  • Side and Top Ladders, Interior and Exterior Ladders,
  • Access Hatches and standard or seismic anchoring systems
  • NFPA-22 Compliant Fittings
  • Internal Penetrations
  • Site Tubes, Level Indicators, Float Valves, Water Heaters, Emergency Shut off Valves
  • Guards, plates, Roof Rings and Rails
  • Flanges, Piping, Anti-Vortex fittings, vents
  • Calming inlets, roof dams, screens and pest and debris covers

Specifications for capacity, height, diameter information, drawings and other sizes are available upon request!

Need Corrugated water storage tanks? Give our sales team a call at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our to discuss your requirements..